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silhouette in a 40


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Much will depend on what gun and the OAL you need. I shoot Win. Action Pistol, which I'm told is the same as Silhouette in 40 at 1.190 OAL out of an SV. 180 gr FMJ with 6.5 grs. and 200 FMJ with 6.0 grs. Start low and work the load up to Major.

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I'd like to switch from Titegroup to Silhouette for my 40 load since it's the powder I'm using in my 9Major load. I've looked at the reloading manual as a starting point, but I'm loading much longer than the manual thus I believe I will need an increased powder charge.

Current recipie:

40S&W Mixed brass

180gr MG CMJ

4.6 gr Titegroup


1.190" COL

I'd like to swap out for Sil. I think a good starting point based on my searches would be 6.0gr. Can anyone who's loading long with Sil verify?



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Well... you are using a much longer OAL than I do cause I'm shooting XD's or XDm's in .40 so I load at about 1.130-1.135, but I use 5.8 grn. Silhouette behind 180grn Berry's HP or even S&S lead fn. I get 171 PF with my 5" Tactical with the Berry or about the same with lead in the XDm which has a 4.5" barrel. Shoots sweet, runs cool, and stays clean. Not much smoke with the lead either. I really like Silhouette since I have been using it and consider it one of the best if not THE best powders for .40.

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My current load is something like (this is off the top of my head so dont quote me)

mixed brass

155 montana gold jhp with a c.o.l. of 1.135

7.1 grains of silhoutte

about any small pistol primer I can lay hands on

fired from either my or my buddies xdm 40's

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