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  1. I now have 2 of Bob's rifles: 28 nosler with Nightforce 5x22x59 evolution shoots 195 Berger VLD at 3066. best group at 1000yrd is 0.411 MOA (4.11" 3shots) 338 RUM with Nightforce 5x25x56 pro hunter extreme shoots 300gr Berger at 2745 best group at 1000 yrds is 5.13' (3 shot) Both rifles set up to shoot Elk out to 1000 yards Rifle wt 9#11oz and 10#10oz respectively ready for the field. Will post pictures soon doc
  2. MOARifles.com Oregon I have several long range rifles including 2 setup for hunting! Now looking to build either a 338 Lapua or 300 RUM in a 7.5 to 8# rifle for 1000 yard shots on Elk!
  3. Savages are crude but they shoot very well. Have setup several for friends in everything from 223 to 338 Lapua and they have all shot well. Accutrigger is easy to adjust and durable! Set one up with a Vortex in 300 win mag and it shot sub 0.5 moa with every load I tried! That rig was all used off Gunbroker and was less than 900$ I think Savage puts the money into the barrel even though with the bore scope they r not pretty but they shoot well. I own a 112V in 22-250 and it is as accurate as a Sinclair built 40XB for a prairie dog gun. Just butt ugly!
  4. Nightforce and TRG in 338 is a great combo
  5. 338 Lapua or save some $ and do a 300 RUM both will get the job done at 1500 yards.
  6. I have 2 JP 6.5 Grendel's and they are the most accurate AR's I own including several 556 and 308. Brass is a big deal but several bullets incl Sierra, Berger, Amax and SST's are just crazy accurate. The 24" barrel is unbelievable with Berger's to 1000 yards. Head shot on cow elk at 814 yrds with SST was drop in her tracks (meat was in the cooler in 55 min) I've shot lots of elk in the last 50 years and with all kinds of guns and ranges but this was real impressive. There was no need for the 338 Lapua that was backing me up! Crazy way to fill the freezer! Doc
  7. I'll give you $110 shipped

  8. Any recommendations for a 338 Lapua rifle and scope combo. Would be used for long range "social work". I've got a 50 BMG but its too much for my everyday purposes. Have 308 and 300 mag long range rifles and would like to replace the 300 with a 338 Lapua. Have shot the Sako TRG42, Savage, Blazer. Any other suggestions and also scope suggestions. Thanks Doc
  9. Mike: Did you receive my money order?

    Thanks Doc

  10. Mike:

    Did you receive my ffl and USPS mo?


  11. Mike:

    I sent the USPS mo today and included the copy of the ffl.



  12. have your ffl fax info to:

    Sportsworld Attn;Susan

    Ely, Nevada

    Phone (775)289-8886

    Fax (775)289-8887

    E-mail sportsworld0497@sbcglobal.net

    My name is Michael Orr

    HC 32 box 32320

    Ely, Nevada 98301

    email orrmike@live.com

  13. Ok will send u a USPS mo on Monday


  14. If you want the gun you can send check for 1150 to

    michael orr

    hc32 box 32320 D1 box 7

    Ely Nevada, 89301

    send via us posal since you need a different address if sent any other way. We live in the country and have weird addresses here.

    I will send you my FFL info in a bit so you can send your info to them. I deal with them a lot but need to warn them b...

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