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  1. It would've been so easy for him to (1) push a squib rod or pen down the barrel to see if there was an obstructions then (2) pull the slide off, and then inspect the barrel by itself if it was determined that something was blocking the barrel. Does this shooter have no friends that could help him out? Sigh... ~Mitch
  2. Looks very cool and very sturdy. I'm a little confused on the draw bar aspect of it - is this because you have a need to remove your 650 from your bench often? I would've thought with that nice 3/8" piece of plate you'd just drill and tap and bolt the strong mount right into it. ~Mitch
  3. But what you can do is be out there diligently taping and encouraging your whole squad to do the same so that this doesn't happen. Or when it does you can throw a little bit of a fit that you're the only guy taping while your squad is in the shade sipping lemonade. ~Mitch
  4. I like that you use a pipe cutter. I would've used a dremel for it, but when I did mine I threw it in the lathe (overkill...). ~Mitch
  5. I would say that is not typical of Henning. My experience has been that if he was traveling he had an assistant to help with the customer correspondence and email. I love his products and they're worth the wait (although after 2 weeks, I can understand frustration about not being able to get in touch with him). Have you tried calling? ~Mitch
  6. You don't list your location so it would be hard for anyone to offer to help you out. I was able to get an order in with Natchezz about a month ago, per tip given on the forum. So I ordered a little more than I need, with the intention of sharing with the local USPSA shooters that are either new to reloading or were otherwise caught off guard. If you're not a total dick at the matches, you may have a friend who could loan you some primers to get you through a few more matches if you're out. ~Mitch
  7. "major" scoring doesn't matter in production as everyone is scored "minor". So XDm Comp in 9mm versus 45acp for USPSA Production - in theory as you pointed out, lower cost, also less recoil and hopefully faster follow-up. But if you shoot them side by side with the clock and you're getting better/faster hits with the 45 and you don't mind the cost aspect go with that - especially if you're relatively new, it's not like you're at the ragged edge of your potential. Either way you go you'll continue to improve as you practice and shoot more matches. Regardless, I would work your dry fire, work your fundamentals, and see if you can get that 9mm hitting spot on. Low left might very well be a little bit of trigger slap. ~Mitch
  8. That is way cool! I would have been skeptical that a tabletop mill would have the rigidity to do much gunsmith work, but I guess I'm wrong there. ~Mitch
  9. FWIW, I load once fired for my 9Major, but the once I shoot it, I throw that brass in another pile to build regular 9mm practice ammo. Glad to hear you're alright.
  10. Agree! The lesson to this shooter is to clearly mark or identify his mags as his in some way, shape or form. I like to mark the base pads because when they're in the mag pouch you can see it. I use a label maker...used to use nail polish. ~Mitch
  11. It's not quite luck. If you only look back 4 years at the last election. Anyone who reloading in volume for something like USPSA would've found the supply we had in the last 18 month prior to the election a God-send, and should have been recovering their probably depleted supplies from the previous 2+ years. I think the tragic string of shootings worsened the run on supplies, but it's a decent idea to always have a backstock of supplies to weather these kinds of fluctuation. Having a back stock means in normal times resupplying as you use (like on a monthly or quarterly basis), not buying a year or two of supply and restocking when it's down to zero. ~Mitch
  12. You could consider shooting the XDM in 9mm in Limited. Greater magazine capacity, cheaper to shoot. If you shoot alpha's not a big deal to score minor. I know one local shooter who shoots minor because of cost and capacity advantages. Just a thought... ~Mitch
  13. That is crazy business... ~Mitch
  14. If he knew he had the wrong glasses on, he should have asked for an ULSC and asked nicely - "would be possible to swap my glasses and/or go 1-down if the next shooter is ready?". If I step up to the line with no batteries in my dot and say "oh well I'll just try it" and I shoot terrible, that's my fault, not the RO. I can't believe this even warranted a debate with the CRO. ~Mitch
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