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Oh yeah...

I wanted to ask you guys that pay attention to my diary...

Do you think that my little magazine flip that I do hinders me in anyway? I have been doing it for a while since I had a few mags not come out of the gun. It has kind of become part of my routine. Here is a video to refresh your memories.



I only ask because someone told me that it costs me time. The same stage the RO told me this I had the second fastest time so I am slightly confused.

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Well add another 2 months of no contact with the gun world again soon. I will be going to the Sandbox again to play war. No dry firing, no drills no nothin'! Just some fitness stuff and that is about it. I might practice target transitions while moving but I seem to get funny looks when I do that. You never know I might be able to convince the Security police to let me out to the range if I promise to clean all their guns on my day off.

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A safe journey and a safe return for you my friend.

Thanks man!

I hope to get enough practice for Area 3. I should be back in time for it.

Anyone have any no gun drills I can do while I am deployed? I won't have access to any gear at all unless I can find some nice cops while I am there.

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In my humble experience Uncle aint too forgiving :surprise:

Maybe a blue plastic pistol and dryfire targets

Or just read Benders range diary every day :devil:


Actually reading the diaries will be pretty good! I like reading Jane's. She always has some cool stuff!

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  • 1 year later...

Well it was buried 4 pages deep but I managed to find my diary. I see most shooters here have goals like "Shooting for Master" or "Going Real Fast" or something else like that. I think of this more as one big learning experience. I started this diary with the intention of moving from Production to Limited. Not that I am not doing that but as Pat Sweeney said... We're the Limited 6 Division. I am using my Production experience... will finish in a min!

Right... Where was I...

Oh yeah! Limited 6 Division!

I am now a Revolver lover! I used to hate them but I have come to learn that they are very elegant and just plain fun to shoot! Being in production made me focus on getting points, 10+1 magazines, and...

Where was I??? This defending the USA from all enemies foreign and domestic really puts a damper on making posts to my range diary. :rolleyes:

Oh yeah! Production...

And... learning to break down a stage for those 10+1 magazines.

Now it is time for 6 rounds! Just 6! At least I don't have to worry about that +1 or Barney mags or some weird rule telling my I can't start with 11 in my mags. No I only get 6.

Just 6.

On other notes...

I like this range diary thing. I keep wondering what to practice and I find some of the best practice routines right here! You guys really know what to do to make the most of limited practice time.

I can't wait for Dave Re's little invention when he goes into production with it. If you want more info on that you will have to ask him. I thought the prototype was very cool and made the most of a Revolver shooter's time at the range.

Thanks Dave!

Mike Carmoney has also made this post very cool with his Carmonize service as well as putting a great gun on the market for me to buy. I hope to become a much better shooter by starting out with some damn fine equipment.

Thanks Mike!

You might also notice I changed my avatar from the silly Agent Smith that was a little offensive to some and made me realize that being sarcastic never really got anyone anything to my new Rudy Project glasses. I am now a member of the Rudy Project USA Competition Squad. I really need to project a good image for the company and for myself.

Being selected for the squad made me realize that my first impression got me this position. If I had been a jerk or sarcastic (even though they said my name wrong at DTC) I would have been struck from the list and little birdie would never have spoken my name.

Thanks Jay!

I also had the privilege to once again meet a really nice couple and buy things from them. I ended up with one of the few extremely well made AR-15 receivers on this planet and I am very happy about it.

Thanks Jim and Nancy!

So with all this being said I still have a long way to go and I thank everyone here that posts in their diaries. They provide us all with valuable information to further our shooting skills and help us on our way to whatever goals we may have!

Thanks BE’rs!!

Edited by Shawn Knight
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Hi Shawn,

I am an occasional viewer of the forums and signed up the other day when I was looking for information. As I was browsing I spotted your name that I recognized. In case you don't remember me I'm the tall guy who shoots at ENGC, usually with a witness. If you still don't remember me I'm the guy who gets names wrong and called you Shane :goof: . Once again I apologize, I still have to watch myself around Justin G. because for years I keep trying to call him Jason.

Anyway, hope you get back from the sandbox (thanks for your work) in time for Area III. I saw the proposed stages the other day during 3 gun and it seemed like half of them had 32 rounds. Just want to wish you the best of luck. BTW check out the easternnebraskapracticalshooters web page and look at Ron's lip, his AR bit him.

See ya


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Here are a couple no-gun things you can do.

Shooting while moving.

Get a bottle of water(ideally about the weight of your gun) and walk around the room "aiming" the cap at various targets. See how still you can keep the water vs. how quickly you can walk.

Eye drills. Read this one here somplace..

Put dots, tacks or pieces of your MREs on the wall and practice snapping your eyes from one to the next.

Those foot speed drills you were talking about a while back. I like those.

Memory/visualization practice. (No, not THAT visualization practice! I'm sure you will be doing enough of that. Sorry bro') Have a friend draw up stages on paper. The more complex the better. Give yourself 5 min to do your mental walkthrough. Now describe in exact detail how you are shooting the stage. To make it more fun have your buddy go "beep" and you describe it as quickly as you can. I know the buzzer immediately knocks 50 points of my IQ.

To prep for A3 you can wait till the middle of the day, suit up in a full NBC gear and cover the air filters with wet towels. Now run sprints until you drop. That should approximate the temperature conditions for A3. :roflol:

I know I am a long way from your pup and GF but if you need anything drop me a line or give me a call.


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Oops, just saw you were back. Never mind........

Now don't be quite so eager to do an extra rotation now that you have the nice GF and puppy. You have certainly done more than your share.

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Oops, just saw you were back. Never mind........

Now don't be quite so eager to do an extra rotation now that you have the nice GF and puppy. You have certainly done more than your share.

Thanks Rick! I am giving my all to my girl and my pup right now! I need to load a bunch of 45acp for this crazy Revolver idea!!!
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  • 2 weeks later...

Something about tanking a match hardcore makes you angry but you can't argue with the scores. Oh well I guess I need to hit the practice a little harder. I am not going to be able to hit the Revolver like I wanted. I just cna't afford Primers for it. They are getting harder to come by and it is just to much of a time consuming chore to hand seat every one. I love this new Carmonized Revovler( Thanks Mike!!!) but I just don't se me using it until next year when the metal market cools off a bit. Everyone and their brother has been buying all of the primers I need!!

Anyway. I tanked today's match and I saw that where I need improvement. One of our shooters is a really good stage designer and makes very fast very hard shots seem effortless.

One bright side today.

Stage: 2 Steely Speed VI

Place Name No. Class Division Pts Pen Time Hit Fact Stg Pts Stg %

1 Knight, Shawn 15 B Production 30 0 4.28 7.0093 30.0000 100.00%

2 Awe, Jeffrey 24 A Open 30 0 5.42 5.5351 23.6904 78.97%

3 Anderson, Ken 25 A Open 30 0 5.58 5.3763 23.0107 76.70%

4 Nielson, Les 12 C Production 30 0 5.93 5.0590 21.6527 72.18%

5 Howard, Tom 6 B Production 30 0 6.04 4.9669 21.2585 70.86%

6 Groff, Justin 5 B Open 30 0 6.92 4.3353 18.5552 61.85%

7 Wagner, Bobbi 28 C Open 30 0 7.15 4.1958 17.9581 59.86%

Tie Thorne, Rob 16 B Limited 30 0 7.15 4.1958 17.9581 59.86%

Yes that is a classifier!!!

Badass if I do say so myself. I seem to be prety good with this M&P so I think I will stay with it.

I really need to hit the 22 conversion more. I seriously almost got beat by a guy shooting production with a revolver!!! WTF SHAWN!!! Get your head in the game!!!

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I shot an indoor IDPA style match today nad I noticed something.

I still like IDPA. I like shooting and I like it when people make the most of what they have. We have a shooter that made his own swinger. It was crude but it worked well.

I don't like it when someone else is supposed to activate props during a COF though. That should be the shooter's responsibility to make it fair for everyone. I know that my reaction time is very fast and I was able to engage the first target easily before the swinger. other shooters were not as lucky. They were not able to do that. Also if I was the one activating the prop(swinger) My reaction time was faster than the shooter so it didn't seem fair as they didn't have the same target presentation and timing that I had.

Oh well. I guess it pays to practice.

Since we do the same stage twice because of the limited space in the range, I decided to do the first run using ReloadwRetention. I did the second run with a slide lock reload.

Same time. Some of the shooters were actually impressed by this and I felt a little strange. Most of these guys are using this competition as a training exercise and not just shooting the paper. makes me a little crazy because they usually have comments like, "That won't work in the real world." or something to that effect. kind of makes me mad but then I realize that most of these guys wouldn't know what to do if a GM shooter showed up to a match. I think they would just shit themselves and leave.


I think I had 1 point down per run. I shot my M&P out of a simple leather holster and some bladetech single pouches.


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