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147gr 9mm Loads With 231? Any Data?

Kevin Kline

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I tried the following recipe, the common part was 147g FMJ Montana Gold, with W231 and loaded at 1.150" OAL

(these were out of a Glock 17 with a Wolff 12# recoil spring)

3.8g W231 873 fps (17 std)

3.9g W231 895 fps (13 std)

4.0g W231 920 fps

However, I found the round to round variation to vary greatly and the standard deviations were very broad. I gave up that experiment and went with Titegroup instead. A much cleaner and better powder in my opinion. My current load is 147g FMJ Precision Delta on 3.3g of TG at 1.150" OAL. This makes 875 out of my 17 and 895 out of my Glock 34.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with you guys 100%. I have reloaded for 10+ years and have decided to ramp up my live fire, but will not be able to handload all the ammo Im going to need, so I have a couple different sources for buying some ammo from local reloaders.

One of them was using 231 and I wanted to know where he'd be with the load he was telling me, due to the fact that several of our local chrono's have been having issues lately.

I personally use either TG or N320. I like TG so far.

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Probably not what you're looking for but this is what I use for sub-sonic 147gr loads (run them through my suppressed M11 SMG).

147gr MG bullet

3.4gr W231

WIN SP primers

I've shot this same round through my G34 and agree that it was pretty "snappy"; it was noticably "snappier" than 115gr bullets at much higher velocities.

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he WW 14th Edition reloading manual does not klist any 147 gr jacketed bullet data only lead.

Hey all,

I was looking for anybody having data on 147gr jacketed 9mm loads with 231??

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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