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  1. Does anyone have an email or contact for Dave Soucie? Anyone who has shot in Florida, mostly West Coast of Florida (Tampa Bay area, Naples, Ruskin, Sarasota, etc)would know Dave. Anyone who knows how to get ahold of him, can you let me know. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Keep us updated on how it works with a lightened Wolff striker springs. Ive always tried a wolff rp spring, but I will get 1 in 10 light hits that dont go off. I put the factory striker spring in and it runs one billion %.
  3. Now an additional question. Have any of you shot plated bullets (Berrys or any other brand) out of the XDM? It looks like jacketed, moly/black are going to be fine, but now to know if plated bullets will be fine. i have about 7k loaded and they tumble like crazy out of my Glocks and MP's. Thanks,
  4. Anyone shot black/moly bullets (Black Bullets Intl or Precision) out of the XDM? Wondering how they did or if there was any issues, tumbling etc. Thanks
  5. How would Unique work with black bullets from Black Bullets International? How would the smoke be, (if anyone has tried)?
  6. Does anyone know how to contact Rodney May? I have a question for him about Sigs. Thanks, you can post here or send me a message. Kevin
  7. That's from last year (2008) and Shannon was too busy getting ready for World Shoot. I had A LOT of fun helping with Monster Match '07 and hopefully we can coax Shannon into doing it again this year... Well Sharyn, you would be the perfect person to "coax" Shannon.
  8. Tom, I saw on the price/info sheet given at Nats, you had a .40 140gr round, but I dont see it on your site. Are you going to have the .40 140gr black bullet? Thanks, Kevin
  9. Tom, I'm glad to hear you bought Masterblasters. I only had about 8 months of buying and shooting their bullets before he closed. I will say I liked his black/poly bullets a lot and they seemed to not smoke as bad as the Precisions. I like the Precisions as well, but the Masterblasters seemed a little better, just as accurate and did not smoke as much. Actually, I shot the Masterblasters side by side w/ the jacketed bullets, and they were very close in smoke, plus, I could load them a little slower and still get the same velocities. I hope Tom puts out the same type of bullets as Masterblasters.
  10. OK, pushing myself to shoot with both eyes open more, I'll try this drill and then PM Brian. I hope he still remembers Part 2 since this is old.
  11. All in all, I wish the mud was not there and conditions were different, but I always push myself to improvise, overcome, adapt and just deal w/ it. Great job by staff on the range, I appreciate it more than you know. Finally, GREAT JOB SHANNON!!. Brother, 4th in Lim and 3rd in Lim 10, awesome. We'll have to hook up when you're back home. This is a really good primer for World Shoot. Thanks to Sharyn also, awesome job w/ the live webcam and I enjoyed helping out while shooting. Sharyn, I told you I was not much of a commentator and next we know not to use my real name!
  12. Nice footage Sharyn! Who needs that nursing job, you should go into TV production. I can see why Shannon won the match, he had some great runs in there.
  13. I agree, Awesome job Shannon!! I hope Sharyn got some video??
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