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Best factory ammo for Production IPSC in Europe


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Hi everyone,


Due to time and space constraints not longer able to reload (I did 3.6 grain Vihtavuori n320 with a 147g bullet) for my CZ Shadow 2, shooting production IPSC.


I'm now looking for the next best thing: factory ammo I can buy in bulk, in Europe (Netherlands).


Any tips on what you all tried / liked? And with what spring (heavier, lighter?).


Let me know!

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S&B, Geco, and PMC are all good.  I used to shoot a bunch of factory and never had a problem with those 3......where some other factory companies I had WILD/random things with it.... best of luck

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If I could choose (these days that's not always a given) I'd go with Sellier&Bellot. I've chronoed S&B and they were around 130pf. I also like the feel of Geco but they seem dirtier than S&B.

I've also tried Geco 154gr, which was mild but to the point where it just felt strange. The point of impact shifted slightly as well (above 20m so may not be that big of an issue) and they're much more expensive.

Another one I really liked was Zala. It's reloaded brass but they felt nice and are clean. If you want a heavier bullet I'd recommend their 140gr, very nice to shoot.

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