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Burst Fire Annealer


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On 9/16/2022 at 11:18 PM, Cnickolas said:

Appreciate it!  

So, build quality seems pretty good. The torch holder  has so much movement, you can position it anywhere really. But with the hose attached, it causes movement in the torch easily. Really have to crank down the wing nuts so it doesn’t move.  Positioning on short cases is a little tricky, while trying not to melt the orings on the bottom wheel.  I’m using it for 6mmBR.  The prep station tools have a wobble, they don’t spin true.  The wheel has a screw that activates the drop chute, with a tab on the chute.  At low speeds this tab would stop the wheel from turning, because the chute hit its end stop.  I had to file down the screw till it no longer maxed out the travel of the chute.  That’s the worst part of the machine. Feel like that’s an important detail that was overlooked.  After all that, ran 30 cases through and ran good.  So far, I think I would buy it again.  But I have no other annealing machine experience. So…



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