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GR scope cover kit


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Just got the Guga Ribas cover kit for my 22/47 w5c-more slideride. The sunshade is a no brainer, but the blast shied and whatever the other part is, I have no brains on how they fit to the c-more. Of course, no instructions, and haven't found anything on you tube. Help will be appreciated

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After I copied this picture from a website, I can actually see the tabs on the blast shield that are missing from mine. Back to the distributer! Have any idea what the curved piece is for? Thanks for your reply.1292658231_GR1.JPG.b2fa2820dec2c8f8bcf6c945c8b0a8a4.JPG

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Bumping this because I come across it when researching the kit. I think its intended for rifle shooters that do not need the blast shield on front. I got mine yesterday from shooters to install on my 15-22 and noticed that its made to fit next to the scope cover and come up with this solution and theory.



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