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Best 223 and 308 Trimmer System to use on my RL1100

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Have a RL1100 that I want to set up a dedicated toolhead to trim mostly 223/5.56, but also some 300 B/O, or 308 brass. I have never trimmed brass on my progressive machine. I have always used a Giraud Tri-Way trimmer but this process has become more painful to my fingers as I get older.

Wanted to ask if experienced progressive press brass trimming experts could share with me what trimmer system I should get please. From the make and model of trimming machine to the make and model of the trimmer blade unit to the toolhead, collet system, and trimming die. If I have to cry once - then so be it - but I want a reliable system that will provide me with reliable trimming for a long time. I ask this because I have read several past posts on this forum that recommend staying away from the Dillon system.  

Most of my 223/5.56 brass is range pick up that I reload and shoot in various plinking AR’s.  I usually make my own 300 B/O with a resizing die and a cut off saw with a jig using once fired LC 5.56 brass. As for 308 I have a mixture of range pick up (military and commercial) that I shoot in my M1A rifles. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback and recommendations. 

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I use this with the recommended router and the boring bar instead of the endmill. 




dillion carbide trim dies.  Use it on a mark 7 with a 650.   You’ll need a short trim toolhead for 300blk.  Also if converting 223 to 300blk in one stage all on the press, I would have a lot brass chip build up in the vacuum manifold and the vacuum hose.  Ended up plumbing pvc pipe instead of the flexible vacuum hose.  Less clogging.  The boring bar helps to break up the chips, as an endmill seemed to produce long “strings” of brass that clogged everything up worse.  If you can’t clear the chips from the cutting process the router overheats, clogs the die, trips circuit breakers, etc.   clogging may be not as much an issue if your not automated, ie. slower feed rate.   But I don’t know.  Just trimming to length is not an issue.  Very little brass shavings, obviously.  

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14 hours ago, Sigarmsp226 said:

Have a RL1100 that I want to set up a dedicated toolhead to trim mostly 223/5.56, but also some 300 B/O, or 308 brass.

Depends on volume needed.


I trim 223 on the 1050 with a Dillon trim die (tried RCBS but it was undersized too much) and the 1500 Cutter with FF blade. I looked at the FF set up but chose to go with Dillon. It just works. 


For 300 BO I trim on my 550 because the tool head is quite a bit cheaper and I don't need the volume.


For 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, again volume is not an issue, I trim with a Giraud trimmer. What a beautiful piece of engineering!


Great hobby!

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I use a Dillon trimmer with their trim dies on my 650 for 223, 308 and 30-06

the trim dies and set up on dedicated tool heads with a resizing die in station 1 and the trimmer in station 3

one thing I wish Dillon sold is a clamp style lock ring for upper thread portion of the trim die so I wouldn’t have to adjust the trimmer every time I switch it between tool heads 


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Thanks guys for your replies and details. I have a $250.00 gift card to Dillon Precision that Steve sent me so I may go the Dillon route. My volumes are not huge and time is not an issue (reload to relax). Then if anything changes and my volumes go up, I can always upgrade. 

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RT 1500 paired with the Mighty Armory trim dies.  The 1500 will have enough power to convert 223 to 300 blackout.  

Mighty Armory dies are machined to perfection for great consistency.  Less than .001 difference in sizing when I do my 223. 

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