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  1. This bullet is for a 357Sig. Was wondering how well this would work in 9mm?
  2. Well I spoke to soon. The plastic upgrade part from E-Bay worked for about a 100 rounds or so that kept slipping on 9mm. Contacted the seller and asked if he can make it out of better plastic. Looks like I'm out $10.00 bucks as he did not offer to replace it. So buyer beware!
  3. Always reloaded standing on my 550s and 650. Just seems like better leverage.
  4. I'm using a powder funnel "C" with just a slight bell than lite crimp on final stage. I load a lot of cast & frangible bullets.
  5. I tried out a different Dillon tool head and still have same problem. Put the plastic upgrade part from E-Bay and works like a charm on 9mm. Will see if it is needed for the next run of 223.
  6. Gerritm, pretty sure all of my tool heads are Dillons, but will try a different tool head this week end. Thanks for direction.
  7. Stick you answered my 2nd question, the Roto Cam. Thanks
  8. Anyone using one of these? Trying to get my 650 to run as smooth as possible. All so they now make a Dillon XL 650 Roto-Cam is it worth the bucks?
  9. Guess I'll try one out. Been having same problem with my 650 running 9mm lately. Even tried a new ejector wire and problem does not go away. Any ideal what is the difference between his two versions?
  10. I just donated. When you consider the wealth of information that we all contribute to and draw from here, $25.00 dollars works out to $.068 a day!
  11. Same problem here with the 7 round EGW .223 gauge. I use their other case gauges for handgun and they all work fine,
  12. H335, TAC or Winchester 748 work great in my 550 and 650 for loading bulk 55 gr bullets for my ARs, Heavier bullets that I use with Varget I use a automatic powder measure.
  13. Feed stores are another good source of cheap Walnut hull and corn cob, also alot of people add a cap full of Nu-Finish car polish to the tumbler. By the way welcome to the Blue Club!
  14. Every thing I reload for goes through a case gauge. I have several EGW gauges and they work fine. The 9mm I have is a little tighter fit than my Dillon gauge, but being able to check several rounds at a time speeds things up. The ones that stick are checked out on a Dillon gauge and used in practice in the pass. Also the nice thing about the EGW gauges is any high primers stick out.
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