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300 BLK - Accurate 1680 Recipe


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Trying to get 300 BLK set up on my 650, with Accurate 1680.  It is not going so well :(


Hodgon website calls for COL of 2.089 with 220gr SIE HPBT.

With CFE BLK and H110, it calls for COL of 2.260


To get to 2.089 on a Hornady ELD-X, seating die is literally cranked all the way down, and it's indenting the bullet while seating it.  I'm wondering if I'm actually compressing the powder.


The the fact that 1680 is so much shorter, seems somewhat odd to me.  Where do I go now?

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According to my notes (haven’t loaded it in awhile) but my data is 11.2 grains 1680, at 2.089 oal.  Avg velocity of 991. 220 grain coated lead bullet. Used to be leatherhead,  now gallant bullets.  Maybe double check your seating die.  Doubt you are compressing the powder of your putting 11 ish grains in there. 

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