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  1. I was playing around with 223 loads, heading towards spending a lot of time at range to perfect the load... What am I doing, 223 is a fun firearm, I don't compete with it, will never do long range, hell I can't see 200 yds, much less shoot 600 But if, my firearm "should" do better with 135 PF, that's an easy fix. I'll load it and test it.
  2. I'm a casual loader, participate in a couple of IDPA's and PPC, nothing super competitive. Was shooting for min IDPA PF, but this thread is indicating I need to bump my powder. Was loading 9mm 125 HAP, with 4.0 of HP38 (have a lot of that). It seemed like the accuracy wasn't there, so I started using 124 Berry thick plate. Accuracy seemed to improve, and in fact it boosted me into a higher PPC category where it's starting to get competitive. Generally, how much faster should I be looking to achieving?
  3. I won't wet tumble... while it gets the brass all pretty, you also have to be concerned with dezincification. Lemishine is highy acidic, and tap water contains chlorine, both of which will leach zinc from the grain boundaries and weakening the cartridge. 50/50 walnut and corn cob with a squirt of new finish makes for nice clean brass. Do you want jewelry, or something to shoot I go back and forth on lubing. I like that it makes the press operate a tad bit smoother, but it also makes a mess over several thousand rounds. Right now, I'm in the not lube phase.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the PRP comp trigger. i went with 3.0 comp on my 5.25 and 3.5 on my wife's occasional 3.8 carry and comp firearm. Also had both barrel's crowned, but still don't understand how that helps... Had one ND as I discovered I developed a bad habit of putting pressure on the trigger between shots. Look at my small grouping with one flyer about 3" low right... yep, that's my embarrassing ND
  5. My PPC 530... missing one hole. If I had hit a 10 with that missing bullet, i would have won a firearm SWMBO is chief score judge, she scored my card. I challenged her missing a double hit hole, and got the over the glasses look with "seriously?". I looked at my card too and didn't see it, Did however win some money with my composite score, woohoo!
  6. you're commercially reloading and you don't know which powder is the best value?
  7. Helping a relative get started on reloading {blind leading blinder?}, and sent him to Berry's Looking around they have bullet I hadn't previously seen. http://www.berrysmfg.com/item/bp-9mm-356-124gr-thp Anybody try it?
  8. i bought an M die for the cast lead "experiment". Gone back to jacketed, but still using the M die. It's eliminated the occasional tipped bullet
  9. If I have Powder river do the work, what is a good number to give them. Do I want the 7.5° seer? Stainless steel rod? Crowning barrel, needed?
  10. Great day with a bunch of new shooters. I was watching a brand new young lady and a seasoned veteran. Young lady turned to show me her empty firearm and I gently returned the muzzle down range. Match director called the clubs trainer off the line into the booth. Then he said over the PA they needed my help at the other end. He explained afterwards that he wanted the instructor to work with her, but did not want to embarrass her or make her thing she did something wrong. It was actually a pretty slick move.
  11. MI finally got rid of the gun boards. Some were creating their own requirements and were problem children. HOWEVER, the old unintended consequences reared it's ugly head. If your CPL is suspended, for any reason, including just being charged with a crime, not convicted, but charged, there is no provision in the law to return your CPL. That was one of the things the gun board would do, but since they're gone, nobody can unsuspend the CPL. It's also opened up the potential for abuse too.
  12. I did that ONCE, and earned a procedural penalty for thinking ahead like that
  13. In days past, I had people tell me if you really want to learn how to fly, and I was good at it, become an instructor. Let me tell you, I started playing RSO with just a few short hours of formal instruction, and felt terribly naive. That feeling has long since gone away... HOLY CRAP have I seen some crazy stuff. Police Officer, holding his firearm straight up in the air, finger on the trigger, pulling his slide back after inserting a fresh mag. Different LEO, his wife, CHECKED BY A RSO, magazine still in a cleared firearm. There's a bunch more minor lessons that I'm sure everybody has seen. Today, I learned what Tom Gresham from Gun Talk has repeatedly talked about his show, and that's mind set. Training, whether it's personal defense, defense of others, or even competition is about mind set. I had a new competitor show up on the range for his second match with a loaded firearm. I chewed him out, and then let him shoot the match. After he shot, I mentioned it to the CRSO, who called the ready room, who came down to find out who was loading a firearm in the ready room. I was told they were screaming at him... Point of mind set??? What I should have done was had him unload the firearm and THROWN HIS ASS OFF MY LINE!!! Match director talked to my wife for a bit today... I think he wants to groom her for bigger things then Chief score room judge in the competition... and complimented me on my observations on the line. Apparently I'm on of the few people that can be out there all day and still catch everything. But, I also recognize when I have to take a break. My own recognition of safety is completely different today. On a funny note, one of the competitors did a most outstanding job cutting a target in half today. We considered giving him 10 points for dead center cut... but since he left a hanging chad, decided against it.
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