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@egd5 passed away this weekend from Covid complications. He took several private lessons from me when I lived in Arkansas. He came to competition later in life but enjoyed all of it and worked hard to find his place in it and maximize his personal potential. 


I know he was a good photographer. I know he was a great volunteer at matches and the clubs he was a member of. Miss ya Ernie.

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Portion of a club email:


Ernie was a kind man, hard worker, great friend, fellow shooter and the kind of person who was just easy to know. He was a great asset to CASA and could be found many weekdays setting up stages by himself for a weekend match. One of his most recent contributions was using his painting skills to prep and repaint the clubhouse and paint the new shelters on bays 13 & 14. He was that kind of guy and will be greatly missed…..not just for what he did but for the person he was


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