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Stock 2 trigger not activating hammer


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Hey Gents,


First time poster, long time reader!  I know you guys have unlimited knowledge so I figure I ask you guys before bringing to a gunsmith.  

my stock 2 has been flawless through 5k rounds.  It recently just started to run into this issue where I pull the trigger in DA and the hammer will not go back.  It looks like something is slipping?!  SA still looks normal.  I just changed out the trigger spring and to see if it helps but it did not.  Any guidance on why this is happening and how I can fix it is greatly appreciated! 

below is the video of what I’m talking about:


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Looks like your trigger spring is doing it’s job. Question now is when you took it apart did you miss something? When you pull the hammer back to go single action does it work correctly? If SA is working then maybe the disconnector isn’t working correctly. 

Memphis mechanic made a series of excellent videos on working on Tanfoglio’s. Take a look at this to see if you reassembled it correctly. 



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thanks for the tips so far!  Everything looks normal to me.  It has to be the plunger spring not pushing the trigger bar up enough right?  

I would think this only started to happen if a spring became too weak.  I would not think this is due to metal pieces being too worn.


here is a video of the internal


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You need to fit bolo. Fit it so the DA works. The contact point of trigger bar is not fully engaging the ear of bolo to push hammer back in DA. The inner curve of bolo leg needs to be fitted so trigger bar travels a bit more forward. There are vids and instructions on this forum how to do that. Does this make sense?

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On 8/4/2022 at 11:31 PM, Polymer said:

If it was working fine, you need to check trigger bar where it contacts bolo ear to see if it's worn/rounded off.

will do.  I never knew the trigger bar could wear out.  Which bar is the best?

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The bars are the same. Xtreme one just has a coating. The bolo metal hardness is way superior vs the trigger bar metal. The bar will definitely wear first. 

Also with using the bolo, it is best to use the factory trigger plunger spring and not a super light one. Bolo needs more upward force of trigger bar to push against. Lighter spring will slip the trigger bar underneath bolo when pulling in double action.

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