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Is this a Romeo 3 XL?


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This sight was won at the prize table at a match.  The person who won it tried to install on their gun, and couldn't get it to fit, so they gave it to me.


The red "dot" is massive and looks like a bunch of dots in a shotgun blast pattern.  I tried to download the manual to figure out how to adjust the dot to be as small as possible, when I realized that this thing looks nothing like the one on the box.  Is this even a Romeo sight?


There are no manufacturer stamps on the sight that I can see.  No Sig stamp, and no up/down arrows on the side to adjust the brightness.  


I now wonder if someone has stuck a different sight in a Romeo 3 box to make the prize table seem better?  I don't know what I've got here, and I don't know anything about red dots, so I'm trying to find the manual to figure out how to adjust it.


Does anyone recognize what it is?  


I googled the number stamped on the side 141474AG but that didn't get me anywhere.






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I googled for manufacturers beginning with the letter L since there was an L on the battery cover, and it looks pretty close to a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro minus the shroud that has the stamping on it.  I guess I should have thought of that before posting.  :) 




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Well the "shotgun pattern" of the red dot appears to be the fault of my eyes and not the red dot.  :) 


I had my wife look through, and she can only see one dot.  If I squint, the pattern starts to come together into one dot.  If I take my glasses off, the pattern gets worse.  I made an eye appointment to check for astigmatism and hopefully correct so that I only see one dot.  I took it to the range and sighted it in as best as I could, but the fuzzy dot pattern completely covers an 8 inch steel plate at 50 yards, so it was hard to be super accurate.  I did get it ringing the 8 inch and 4 inch plate at least.  Couldn't hit the 2 inch plate. 


I was hitting the 2 inch plate with the iron sights with the same gun, but I really had to focus and go slow.  I was hoping that the red dot would help with speed, but it looks like I need to work on my eyes first.  :)


Not sure why they put a Leupold sight in a Romeo prize box, but hey, it was free to me, so I don't really care.  :) 

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