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BulAmory 4,25" comp


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Have SAS II 4.25" comp and would like to fit regular barrel in it . What's the best way to go about it / Yes I did contact Bul and they don't sell barrels and said it would void warranty .....bla,bla,bla :):). Do I just buy barrel or am I better off sending it somewhere ?  


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First thing to do is check your slide to make sure it's cut for a bushing. I think mine was. (I assume by regular barrel, you mean non-bull barrel.)


1911/2011 barrels need to be fitted. Kart makes a kit that will relieve you of some of the burden (not all of it!), but I would argue that this is a job best left to a professional...

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Have you fit a 1911/2011 barrel before? If not, you'd probably want to send it to someone. Very easy to screw up doing it yourself, especially if you only have hand tools.


Barrels sold as minimal fitting required tend to be a sloppy fit unless you luck out, another reason to hire someone to get it done well.


I'm not overly familiar with Bul setups but you'll need to make sure to match the kind of ramped barrel cuts in the frame with the new barrel. They might use W/N ramps but I've never looked. 



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On 7/22/2022 at 11:22 AM, vegaspete61 said:

 BUL SAS II UR modified to accept STI style mags.


Interesting. What all was required for this? Mods to the existing grip section or replace with something else?

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