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Dawson DPO as aftermarket cut?


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11 hours ago, RickT said:

Are to set on the Dawson adapter?  Obviously, other options out there.

Not really set on one specific mounting footprint or plate system. 


With that said, the DPO is interesting because Dawson offers a good number of optic options. And the DPO is likely to be well supported by Staccato and Dawson with future plates. 

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Makes good sense.  I went with a CHPWS on my Staccato C2.  No problems other than running a Holosun/PA ACSS the rear sight is just above the bottom of the glass.  I'm not concerned about backup irons, but would be a no-go for LE.  My wife has a Suarez plate on her full-size 1911 suitable for RMR and the Holoson 507C class - no backup irons however.

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