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Burris Great Customer Service


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We all hear about poor CS. Here is my experience with a good company. Lifetime no question warranty. Sorry for the long post.


I had a Burris XTRII 1x8 I bought in 2016 on my competition rifle. Many thousands of rounds and matches. Outlasted a couple of barrels. Dumped & abused as we all do. Shot it several times out to 600 yards proved to be very tough and accurate. Always held it's zero.


In a match a couple of months ago I had a stuck round and had to mortar it out during a stage. It was stuck especially hard. Didn't think much of it. Have done this before with no problems. Went on to next stage with shots from 80 to 200 plus yards. Couldn't hit any I was way off. Was shooting way left. Trashed the whole stage.


Took it to the range next day and it was at least 6-8" left at 50 yards.


Took the scope off. Contacted Burris thru website and got an RA to return. Shipped it and about a week later got an email stating that the scope was not repairable and Burris would send an equal replacement. Within 2 minutes I got a 2nd email that said the scope was obsolete and they don't make an equal in that power. Asked to contact them for options.


I called Burris CS/tech and got an excellent person on the phone named Alex. He said due to that scope being obsolete my option was that I had a full original MSRP credit and I could pick out anything on their website that equals my credit if I went over I would just have to pay the difference. Ordered a 5x25 FFP for my 22LR PRS & a Red dot as a backup for a PCC for the same amount as the credit.


Within a week I received both with no charge for shipping. Great CS.



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