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They seem to work okay on sand, grass and concrete. The one i have struggles with smaller cases but does good with 40 and larger. The only real complaint that I have is the handle. I ended up replacing mine with a mop handle as the stock one kept slipping. 

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I have one I use quite often and  it works well, once you learn how to do it… I suffer from back problems and it’s been a lifesaver for me. If you work it across the side and you have the the right pressure it works really good on dirt, sand, concrete and works good on grass too.  I have friends that try and can’t keep a couple of cases in the basket but with a little finesse it actually works pretty damn good and I can fill it up…. I do have agree with Squirrel… you need a wooden mop/broom handle(a quality one) it will make all the difference in the world… I rather it not collapse and work versus the alternative.   

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12 minutes ago, LuvDog said:

Any comments on how it works on gravel?  I would think it would pick up all the rocks too.

You would be correct on gravel, but it will also depend on the size of said gravel… there are a couple places I’ve been that it was very difficult and did not work because the gravel was thicker than 22lr and as big as acorns… (you do realize that This is a re-marketed nut 🥜/ acorn picker?) so in reality it has its limitations…. But it works good enough…. You’ll definitely figure out the tricks after you use it for a while. Save your back and your knees!!!! 😂 

Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer - Picks Up Pecans, Lg Acorns, Hickory Nuts, Crab Apples, Nerf Darts, & Other Objects 3/4" To 1" in Size, Red/Silver https://a.co/d/3qYIYdQ

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2 hours ago, Chapo said:

Like leezway said, it does pick up gravel.  Not only that, but it also picks up 22lr cases.  But in general, it saves you time and your back!

Trust me about the back!! I literally just got home from my 3rd back surgery less than an hour ago! Gonna be sidelined this seasoned…. You have to learn new ways to do things… and I have to say that is one of those tools that helps me still do what I love to do,  shoot & reload…. good luck 🍀 I think it’s a good product… hope it works well for you….

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