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  1. I started off with Berry's 124 HP with Titegroup powder then switched to 147 powder coated over sport pistol. The 147s are super accurate and fairly soft shooting. I'm running a 13lbs Wilson flat wire spring with bullets at 132 pf
  2. I can vouch for the PM-9 as far as reliability goes . Ran one about a year and a half with pretty high round count without any issues
  3. Had great results with spot pistol, way cleaner than Titegroup
  4. Dawson work well with several of my guns
  5. Thanks guys. My current CO setup is Red hill tactical mount with a new GX holster as my year old RHT cracked below the bolt holes . I am definitely a fan of the GX vice
  6. Does anyone have a review on the Nevermiss alpha hanger? I'm looking to put together a rig for single stack and will be using a GX holster and trying to decide on what hanger to use .
  7. I have 2 of the s.f. match from late 2019 that came with test targets. Not sure if currently they are doing them .
  8. I have to say the plate is a nice upgrade from the factory Walthers adaptor . I have roughly 1000 rounds downrange with the new lower height plate and there are no downsides to it . Not CZ low but a welcome addition
  9. I just had mine break the tip off the firing pin . I was lucky and had a spare. Going to get another spare and hopefully get one from Walthers under warranty. I have about 20,000 plus on the gun and a few minutes of dryfire lol
  10. I went with the SRO . Haven't had any issues at all . Still running the original battery after a full season of matches every weekend. I turn it on in the morning and shut it down when I bag it . I did check out a buddy's XL and that is a nice option but as of now I'm happy with the SRO
  11. Ran a PM-9 for a while and used the Dawson without much issues. Went with the Wilson bullet proof ambi safety being a lefty and Dawson Ice magwell. The gun ran like a champ
  12. stock


    I have used the same 320 11 coil Grams spring and followers with the factory 17 round Walthers mags and you will fit 19 easy . I have T.F. extension on a couple mags and with the Grams 320 11 coil spring and followers can get 23 reloadable.
  13. Went the same path as you , have two of them now for USPSA and they are a great C.O. choice.
  14. If this is a common thing I better get a spare . Anyone else breaking the firing pin ?
  15. I would say it's not the best choice for the thin trigger guard on a Caspian frame gun . My Edge fit nicely along with the CK open gun . It holds the Dan Wesson Havok but it isn't as locked in as the typical 2011 . That being said I will probably be using it as I'm thinking that I will use the Havok as my primary when I start shooting open .
  16. You have to lock it with your thumb after the gun is holstered and leave it locked till you draw the gun. It takes a little different action than what I would regularly do. Your middle finger hits the lever as you grab the gun and releases the lock .
  17. This holster is not like the 014. You lock the gun in place and it stays that way till you draw the gun . Your middle finger actually is what trips the lock lever to release the gun as you pull it from the holster.
  18. So today I got a lefty 015 to run in open next season. I will say it will take a little bit to get used to the lever but all in all it's built nicely. My CK 2011 steel grip fits perfectly and the Dan Wesson Havok is a little loose but it stays locked till you trip the lever
  19. I'm waiting for the same comparison to see what way to go too
  20. I have the speedcross as well and am happy with how they grip in gravel
  21. I second what Gary said . Being Left handed it's the first thing I add . If you shot IDPA it fits the box
  22. I have put close to 40,000 though a PM9 with no issues. Also run Dawson mags that feed well. Had four of the mags break where the basepad slides on but Dawson took care of those . Told me to calm down on my aggressive mag seating
  23. What 1911 do you use ? I have used Dawson and had good luck besides a few cracked tubes where the base slides on. Dawson replaced them with no issues but said it must be because I seat them to hard .
  24. That would be nice for the growing division
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