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  1. If this is a common thing I better get a spare . Anyone else breaking the firing pin ?
  2. I would say it's not the best choice for the thin trigger guard on a Caspian frame gun . My Edge fit nicely along with the CK open gun . It holds the Dan Wesson Havok but it isn't as locked in as the typical 2011 . That being said I will probably be using it as I'm thinking that I will use the Havok as my primary when I start shooting open .
  3. You have to lock it with your thumb after the gun is holstered and leave it locked till you draw the gun. It takes a little different action than what I would regularly do. Your middle finger hits the lever as you grab the gun and releases the lock .
  4. This holster is not like the 014. You lock the gun in place and it stays that way till you draw the gun . Your middle finger actually is what trips the lock lever to release the gun as you pull it from the holster.
  5. So today I got a lefty 015 to run in open next season. I will say it will take a little bit to get used to the lever but all in all it's built nicely. My CK 2011 steel grip fits perfectly and the Dan Wesson Havok is a little loose but it stays locked till you trip the lever
  6. I'm waiting for the same comparison to see what way to go too
  7. I have the speedcross as well and am happy with how they grip in gravel
  8. I second what Gary said . Being Left handed it's the first thing I add . If you shot IDPA it fits the box
  9. I have put close to 40,000 though a PM9 with no issues. Also run Dawson mags that feed well. Had four of the mags break where the basepad slides on but Dawson took care of those . Told me to calm down on my aggressive mag seating
  10. What 1911 do you use ? I have used Dawson and had good luck besides a few cracked tubes where the base slides on. Dawson replaced them with no issues but said it must be because I seat them to hard .
  11. That would be nice for the growing division
  12. stock

    Walther mag button

    I'd like to see if you get this to work . I feel this would be a big improvement
  13. I have about 600 rounds through this same setup . I'm right at 132p.f. without any failures so far .
  14. I would like to see a Carry Optics section too. I am just getting into that division coming from limited .
  15. I use my GMR -15 for steel challenge mostly and it's been super reliable. What i the weight savings with the new light weight barrel ?
  16. I vote for the gel too . Seams to last longer between application.
  17. That's expensive when you add the $25 for shipping
  18. Why won't the 13 work ? I'm on the fence about changing the guid rod as I have a few hundred through the gun with no issues . 3.7 of tight group with 124 fmj is right around 130 p.f. for me .
  19. Can't wait for that to be released
  20. stock

    Q5 Poly vs Steel

    Sprinco is definitely a big improvement.
  21. Sounds like they are going in to far . What basepads are you using?
  22. I just received my thin bogie grips . Not to aggressive
  23. I have a few times . Great gun for S.S. i think . I also have a pm 9 that i ran for a two years with no real issues
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