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Recommended setup for converting my 556 SBR?

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So currently I have a standard AR-15 lower that I SBRed some years back, it's mainly served as my home defense rifle. It's a normal Aero 556 lower. I kinda would like to build a PCC upper for it, not least because of the new 2-gun nationals in June.


So, is this a wise idea, vs buying a dedicated lower/rifle? Or is it viable to run a conversion block and a 9mm upper?

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13 minutes ago, grsdoug said:

I run the Stern Defense magwell conversion and their 8.5 inch upper on my LMT SBR lower. Super reliable and accurate. 


I will check them out. Is there any way to do a magwell?


Edit: by magwell I mean something flared to help with easier reloads

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Or, get/build a CMMG upper and use Endomags.  No need to use a magwell conversion and the Endomags run 100%.  If you're a Glock guy the magwell conversion might make the most sense: your call.

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I have TWO Sylvan Arms conversion blocks in two different manufacturers lowers and they are 100% reliable.  They are very solid, won't come out and the mag release is in front of the mag well which makes it ambidextrous in my opinion as I'm a Lefty.  Another plus is that they cost around $100.00.


The factory Glock mags are a little tight and won't drop freely until you sand just a LITTLE bit of the plastic coating up in the magwell area.  ETS mags drop CLEANLY without any work needed on them.  The sanding on the Glock mags amounts to just a few strokes on both sides with some 400 grit sandpaper and then they'll drop free.  I like the ETS mags better anyway because I can see how many rounds are in the mag and they are a LOT cheaper than the factory Glock mags.  The ETS 40 round mag is awesome and I use it in USPSA a lot!  I have a BUNCH of the ETS mags and they ALL have been 100%.

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