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Anyone make a 14" Ruger PCC hand guard?

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Does anyone know of a 13 or 14 inch hand guard for the Ruger PC Carbine?

I currently have a Taccom ultra light weight hand guard on my PCC, and it's great.  But it's only 12" long, and I'd like to find something that runs the full length of the barrel.  So far the only one I've seen is the one that Ruger sells on some of it's models.  I will probably call them tomorrow to see if I can order it and put it on my PCC.  I can't find it listed separately anywhere.  The midwest industries hand guard is also only 12" long.







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Thanks, I hadn't seen that one.  It's a bit heavier than I'd like, but it's the only 14" one I'm aware of.  Of course, it's out of stock everywhere.  :(


I sure wish Taccom would make a longer version of their ultra lightweight hand guard.  I really like the one I currently have on one of my PC Carbines.



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I have the Midwest extended 14" handguard. I'm pretty happy with it, but it wraps around the take barrel takedown ring and makes it hard to spin, so to clean the gun/barrel I have to take the front sight and handguard off and go from there. Not a big deal but kind of annoying when I want to run a patch down the barrel. 

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Thanks, I don’t think that will be a problem for me as I clean Guns less than bi-annually. Maybe I’ll run a bore snake thru it every 6 months or so, but that’s about it.

I back ordered one since nobody has them in stock. I’ll run it without sights and put a dot on the receiver. I had a dot mounted on a rail at the rear sight location but had to move it. That’s actually the hottest spot on the gun when shooting and during a recent session with my kids, after putting a couple hundred rounds they it in short order it got super hot. That just can’t be good for an electronic sight. Meanwhile, the rail on the receiver was 10 times cooler to the touch.

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If your the DIY type, there is a ton of CF tubes on amazon that you can find the right diameter and just make one up.     There isn't alot of cutting or slots in them.  Is it just a visual desire to have it go to the end of the 14" ? 


Here's one that you might like  https://infitech.se/en/ruger-pc-carbine/ruger-pc-carbine-m-lok-handguard/

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On 7/19/2020 at 4:40 AM, Cuz said:

Thanks for the info, that one looks just like the one from Midwest Industries.

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It lacks a QD slot and costs twice as much... so you know it has that going for it. 🤪

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It lacks a QD slot and costs twice as much... so you know it has that going for it. [emoji2957]

Lol, I ended up ordering the Midwest Industries model from Brownells. It’s on the way. It will be heavier than I wanted, but until Taccom starts making one it was all I could find.


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My only problem with the 12” was the exposed barrel at the end. When it gets shot a lot the barrel gets VERY hot and will easily burn you if touched. I wanted a bit more of it shrouded. I removed the iron sights so I don’t care about them.

I actually bought a 2nd PC Carbine so my kids and I can rotate them when we all are shooting it. You would think it was a .22 LR the way they can chew through ammo when they don’t have to pay for it...

It’s so much fun to shoot at plate racks and dueling trees with.

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