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  1. Yeah, I was going to say swing weight and grip are probably going to be the interesting part of the comparison. The internals in the 2 guns are set up the same more or less (I'm not sure what springs weights are in the new gun but they feel pretty close.) and the trigger weights feel pretty close. I don't reload 9 mm right now, so having a main spring that can pop most primers reliably is more important then the lightest unreliable spring I could run. The big reason I got the Target 2 was to see if I liked a lighter gun then the Shadow 2.
  2. I’ve been running a Shadow 2 for a year now and I found a great deal on a Shadow Target 2 I couldn’t pass up yesterday. I can take some side by side pics if you want, I should get to the range in a few days and can give some side by side comparison. I have XL size hands fwiw.
  3. Had Patriot cut my slide. Turned out really nice. I'm going to send them my CZ slide to cut.
  4. I have a new small frame Lim Pro I've been trying to bolo. I'm on my 2nd one (I wish PD had a trade in program while you figure it out..) So I think to get the DA to work on the SF you need to remove material from the inside front of the curve to increase the DA throw. I tried removing material from the 'point' as someone suggested but it didn't work. I introduced a little SA pre travel with the 2nd one, I may try a 3rd at some point to see if I can get it 100% there. _______________ | ____________| | / <------- remove material here |/ Bad asciii art, I can take some pics if need be but I don't want to take that thing apart for awhile.
  5. Here's an example: https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/pistols/eaa-pistols/eaa-corp-witness-pro-45-acp-4-5-quot-bull-10-rds-600054.cfm?gun_id=101255624 It looks like you get a bull barrel, adjustable sights, blued lower, and wood grips vs. the regular match?
  6. Anyone know about the Witness Match Pro all metal pistol (not the poly model.) I was looking at the witness 10mm and the all metal pro version popped up.
  7. I got a Ghost Thunder from Shooter Connection for my SM LimPro that has been working well for me.
  8. Got a Ghost Thunder holster for my SM Lim Pro, fits great!
  9. Thanks everyone!, I just ordered a SF Limited Pro from Patriot a few mins ago.
  10. Cool, thanks! I though I read somewhere the trigger guards were in a slightly different position or something, thought I would double check.
  11. Anyone have a lead on a OWB Limited Pro small frame holster? Will the large frame work? Guess I'll throw this in too. Any big disadvantage to a small frame before I pull the trigger? I've read all the threads, seems like sixs to me, and I have a big o'le pile of CZ mags to work with...
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