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  1. Dang, anyone want my shadow 1? I picked up a pretty much new Target 2 right before Christmas for $900. I would take that over a base S2 for $100 more. That's the nice thing about buying obsolete stuff.
  2. I have some thin aluminum ones that came on my SP01 shadow target that are pretty damn grippy. I threw some palm swells on them though because I have huge hangs, but if I wanted thin grippy grips I would have stuck with the ones that came on it.
  3. Went to order one this morning and they were sold out.
  4. sfotex

    10mm CZ custom

    Oh, they're doing it on the 97 platform? Guess I should have looked closer at the pic. Cool. I was thinking they were converting the 40cals to 10mm. Might have to get a 97 now!
  5. Got a Tac Ultra 9mm last week. Stripped the whole thing down and scrubbed it and polished stuff up. Threw it in the ultra sonic cleaner and it got all the grit and oil off of it. Feels like a new gun! I had a few extractor issues after a couple hundred rounds, but I tensioned it a bit and it's ran flawlessly since. Pretty happy so far. I have a hayes magwell and grips coming soon. I'm not sure about the rear sights, but they're nice enough so I probably won't mess with them for awhile.
  6. sfotex

    10mm CZ custom

    Conversion? I imagine they put in a new barrel (or make the chamber longer in a 40?), put in some springs, and give you some new mags (or put in a new follower?)
  7. CZ Custom has a video on their Facebook page:
  8. sfotex

    10mm CZ custom

    Anyone fondle this baby at the SS? What's the starting MSRP?
  9. I stopped by my local gun store/indoor range today and they happened to have just got in 2 RIA Tac's yesterday, and they had one left, and well, I bought it. Put 250 rounds thru it out of the box. The first couple 150 ran great, however I got some extraction issues in the last 100. I stripped it down when I got home and cleaned the gunk out, I'll see how it does tomorrow. First impressions, wow, it shoots flat. Pretty fun gun for the money.
  10. sfotex

    10mm CZ custom

    Guess it must be shot show time. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7jxHirnBpc
  11. I put a couple hundred rounds thru my Target 2 and truth be told, it's a pretty nice gun. If push came to shove the Target 2 or Shadow 2 I would be happy with either,
  12. Yeah, I was going to say swing weight and grip are probably going to be the interesting part of the comparison. The internals in the 2 guns are set up the same more or less (I'm not sure what springs weights are in the new gun but they feel pretty close.) and the trigger weights feel pretty close. I don't reload 9 mm right now, so having a main spring that can pop most primers reliably is more important then the lightest unreliable spring I could run. The big reason I got the Target 2 was to see if I liked a lighter gun then the Shadow 2.
  13. I’ve been running a Shadow 2 for a year now and I found a great deal on a Shadow Target 2 I couldn’t pass up yesterday. I can take some side by side pics if you want, I should get to the range in a few days and can give some side by side comparison. I have XL size hands fwiw.
  14. Had Patriot cut my slide. Turned out really nice. I'm going to send them my CZ slide to cut.
  15. I have a new small frame Lim Pro I've been trying to bolo. I'm on my 2nd one (I wish PD had a trade in program while you figure it out..) So I think to get the DA to work on the SF you need to remove material from the inside front of the curve to increase the DA throw. I tried removing material from the 'point' as someone suggested but it didn't work. I introduced a little SA pre travel with the 2nd one, I may try a 3rd at some point to see if I can get it 100% there. _______________ | ____________| | / <------- remove material here |/ Bad asciii art, I can take some pics if need be but I don't want to take that thing apart for awhile.
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