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  1. I have a new small frame Lim Pro I've been trying to bolo. I'm on my 2nd one (I wish PD had a trade in program while you figure it out..) So I think to get the DA to work on the SF you need to remove material from the inside front of the curve to increase the DA throw. I tried removing material from the 'point' as someone suggested but it didn't work. I introduced a little SA pre travel with the 2nd one, I may try a 3rd at some point to see if I can get it 100% there. _______________ | ____________| | / <------- remove material here |/ Bad asciii art, I can take some pics if need be but I don't want to take that thing apart for awhile.
  2. Here's an example: https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/pistols/eaa-pistols/eaa-corp-witness-pro-45-acp-4-5-quot-bull-10-rds-600054.cfm?gun_id=101255624 It looks like you get a bull barrel, adjustable sights, blued lower, and wood grips vs. the regular match?
  3. Anyone know about the Witness Match Pro all metal pistol (not the poly model.) I was looking at the witness 10mm and the all metal pro version popped up.
  4. I got a Ghost Thunder from Shooter Connection for my SM LimPro that has been working well for me.
  5. Got a Ghost Thunder holster for my SM Lim Pro, fits great!
  6. Thanks everyone!, I just ordered a SF Limited Pro from Patriot a few mins ago.
  7. Cool, thanks! I though I read somewhere the trigger guards were in a slightly different position or something, thought I would double check.
  8. Anyone have a lead on a OWB Limited Pro small frame holster? Will the large frame work? Guess I'll throw this in too. Any big disadvantage to a small frame before I pull the trigger? I've read all the threads, seems like sixs to me, and I have a big o'le pile of CZ mags to work with...
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