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Coated Bullet Profile - Does it Matter?


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In my Tanfoglio the TC is more accurate. 

In my M&Ps the RN is more accurate. 

My CZs & Glocks don't seem to care.

They sell small sample packs so you can get a variety of profile/size/weight combinations and work them up to see which you & your gun likes best. 


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4 hours ago, cjmill87 said:

I'm looking to start reloading coated bullets, specifically Blue Bullets, and wondering if profile (Round Nose vs. Truncated Cone) matters?  I'll be loading in a Gen4 Glock 17 and looking to load something in 124/5 grain weight.


If your Gen IV is throated like previous gens, you should be able to load any of them to your desired OACL. That must be confirmed by plunk and spin.


For those who want a longer load, but have a pistol with a shorter chamber in the barrel, here's a bullet style that will allow you to do that. The bullet above the shoulder is smaller diameter that won't touch the lands. Just set the shoulder a bit above the case-mouth as you would with a SWC in .45 ACP.😉



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