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Help rig my safe life defense belt


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A good buddy bought me a safe line defense belt as a present and I want to get into competitive shooting.  I currently have a sig X5 legion (without any optics) but I'm having a hard time finding a holster/hanger combination that would fit this belt and I think I'm just over analyzing everything and there must be a simple solution.  I *really* like the weber tactical USPSA gamer holster and it seems that holsters are almost all drilled for a universal mounting pattern but I finding one to fit this belt is driving me crazy...so here I am.  help?  I'm open to any an all suggestions and comments, but the last thing I really want to entertain is switching belts, unless I absolutely have to.  thanks!

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14 hours ago, SGT_Schultz said:

The simple solution is that competition belts are 1.5" wide and all competition accessories are meant to fit belts 1.5" wide and not 2" wide duty/tacticool belts like the one you have.


Sell it to some tactical timmy and get yourself a Shooters Connection competition double belt.

thanks @sgt_schultz I was afraid that was the answer but it is what it is. I’m sure the School Resource Officer at my kids school would love the belt. Know to restart my search and start with a belt. 

@southpaw - I’ll check that one out. 

thanks y’all. 

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all my belts are 2 or 2.25, fuzzy on the inside with a velcro out inner belt.  I buckle them in the back to leave sides and front open and smooth.. 
Never had a problem finding gear.  2 of them are Bianchi dropped and offset, and another safariland, and another Bianchi. Mag holders are a mix match double pouch style or the typical adjustable ones,  Do seem to all be using bladetech style clips. Maybe they were more popular at one time.
Dont know the division but either a bladetech with stingray loop or dropped and offset holster with stingray should work.  Used to be plenty of pouches for 2"

You used to be able to buy just the clips and they can go on safariland or cr speed pouches for more adjustability

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