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Shooting single stack..mag pouch question

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Most of the time I do 4 on belt. 1 Barney mag with 1 round in it, and 1 full mag in pocket with 4 on belt. Barney loads 1 when I drop the mag if it’s empty I know round is in chamber, then I load other mag from pocket. Once in a while I might put 5 mags on belt just in case.

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I ran 5 on my belt and load my first mag out of my pocket at make ready, just like if I’m shooting production. However, I also usually shot minor when I shot single stack. If you’re shooting major and only have 8 round mags, 5 is cutting it a bit tight on unloaded starts but should be doable. 

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3 hours ago, kooyahdesigns said:

Thanks for the input. I am going to be shooting minor in single stack. Maybe 6 mags on belt is the safer bet and a load mag in my pocket. 


For minor you should be ok with 5 + a start mag. On the very rare stage where you’re worried about running out, tuck 1 more mag in your back pocket. 

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