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NASO (liability insurance for RO's)?

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To start with: I'm not a shill, don't have a referral code and have no vested interest in who does or doesn't join.  I didn't even link to the organization - if you want to know more, Google them.


I recently learned about NASO, the National Association of Sports Officials, and their member liability insurance offering.  Seems relatively cheap: $100/yr (on a two year membership) for $6MM in incident liability insurance, including bodily injury.


They seem to cover any recognized sport, and IPSC/USPSA would seem to fit.

The thought is this: If I'm an accredited/certified (or whatever) RO/CRO, and in the course of fire something happens to a competitor (extreme example: I get too close and they move, tripping over me and shooting themelves or someone else), there's liability.  Assuming I'm not judgement proof, and assuming the attorney goes after the range, the sanctioning body and me as an individual RO... seems like I'd want more than just my liability under a homeowner's policy - especially if I happen to be getting "paid" (stipend, etc.) for the match.

Anyone else have thoughts?


I'm not in the "sky is falling, everyone is going to sue me!" camp, but it only takes once... 

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This comes up on here every now and again. I am not interested in having RO insurance based on I have never heard of it actually being needed. Maybe somebody knows of an RO actually being sued? I’d love to hear that story.

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Interested also. Any lawyers out there. I do this as a hobby and have not given this much thought. As an ro am I liable for any injuries sustained for somebody’s actions. At my club we don’t even sign waivers we just show up and shoot.

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A boy got killed at a match - he was watching a different match inside a building and a bullet got into the building and hit him -  I was running the chrono at the match and my homeowners got hit for $7,000.00.  All the other officials got hit varying amounts except for one who lived with his mother.  This was at DPC in Dallas many years ago.

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