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Training for one class vs many and .45 acp ipsc.

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Hey guys,


First off I'll get right out and say it, I'm a new guy to the sport and love it.  I shoot IPSC here in Canada and looking for some advice from the seasoned guys.  My first gun I bought was an STI edge in .45 acp.  I started doing league nights Saturday nights with it and most guys would tell me "that's the wrong caliber". This is shooting in standard division.Now being in Canada, we are limited to 10 in the mag, so why would .40 be an advantage?


After a while, I ended up trying and buying a used trubor in 9mm to shoot open..  Cmore mounted sideways and I love it.  Definitely cheaper to shoot here in Canada and I seem to enjoy it more.


So the question I have....  Is .45 really a disadvantage for standard division over .40?  And will training with 2 styles of gun and competing back and forth hinder my gains?



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If you reload you can tune a 45 ACP load to run same or no worse than 40 S&W in the recoil dept.  Since you're limited to 10 rounds, I don't see any downside to 45.  Obviously, if you lived someplace where you could fill the mags, a larger diameter case is a disadvantage.

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The only issues with 45 in your case is saving brass and/or slightly higher cost. Or if you decide to venture out of Canada.


Shooting two divisions with significant equipment differences may slow your progress some, I don't think it's huge. I go from low cap irons to high cap optics with the same base gun, for a few months, once or twice a year, there's usually a brief decline.

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If you want to move up in the match rankings stick to one. 


If you just like to shoot do both.

After you make A then you will have the skill set to switch and not get hurt in the standings.  Until then stick to one and become good with it, not mediocre with several.



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Since you're in a country where it is a 10 round limit you aren't at a competitive disadvantage the way you would be if you were in a place that allowed for use of competition capacity magazines. 


The main drawback is cost of brass and bullets for reloading. You should pretty easily be able yo create a load for 45 that will meet the IPSC Power Factor and feel pretty tame in the recoil department. 


As for shooting 2 Divisions with different skillsets (dot vs iron sights among other things. ) 


Again, because you're in a country where you are limited to 10 rounds you would have relatively similar stage planning for both Standard and Open divisions. You'll still be able to go faster with a dot most likely, but where you plan your reloads etc. Would likely be pretty similar. 


If you really have the Open bug you might consider placing an order now for an Semi Custom or Custom Open gun. While you are waiting for it to be built you could shoot in Standard Division this season and then shoot Open next season. 


I think it would be tough to try and improve at both in the same season. I'd pick one to focus on.

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Thanks guys for the info!  Last night I took my trubor out to the range doing some basics and drills and I think I enjoy it more than my standard STI gun.  The trubor that I have is set up for open, even though I bought it used with a super low round count it seems to work well.  With the load that I have for it it makes major pf easily.  


One old guy last night told me no matter which I pic, the learning road ahead will be big.  

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