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Dillion 1050 case feeder slider won’t allow case to drop

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Hey guys. I just bought a used Dillion 1050 and finally got it all set up and I’m running into one last issue. The case feeder slider doesn’t go back far enough to allow a case to drop in. I needs to go back like another 1-2mm or so but that triangle piece that guides the slider back doesn’t  push it far enough. And as far as i can tell there’s no adjustment. Once it gets back all the way I can push it with my hand and it goes far enough to allow a case to drop.


Has anyone had this problem? Is the sprIng to stiff? Should I clip a few coils? Ill post some pics in a min. It’s hard to get a good picture of what’s going on here. 

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There is supposed to be a bushing/collar on that bolt that the triangle piece rides against.  Sorry for not knowing the proper terms.  Dillon's website will show it in the parts diagrams.


Dillon part # 13498 - case feed plunger roller.

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Awesome. Thanks guys. I knew I must have been missing something.  i really wanted to get started loading so I made something similar to that. I’ll have to look around though the parts I have and see if I have one or if I need to order it. 

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