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  1. Nope. The bullet seating depth will not effect the crimp because the crimp die is interacting with the actual case and not the bullet.
  2. I use Ball Brand citric acid ( a 9mm case full) and about a half tablespoon of dawn and is works perfectly. Plus it's cheap.
  3. It looks like you sleeved the main shaft bore? Very cool!
  4. I've had this kit in my nag for a few years and have used it several times to get out of a jam. Works great. https://www.wheelertools.com/gunsmithing-tools/wrenches-and-screwdrivers/space-saver-screwdriver-set/664507.html#start=1
  5. Are there any major improvements to be had with the addition of the Gray guns competition kit?
  6. Yes but you have to grind a portion of the pad away to make them fit. It's pretty easy and I think the guy from "go fast, don;t suck" did a video on it.
  7. Are you running an extended firing pin?
  8. I tested 1911 springs and used 1911 wolff variable and others that seemed to work fine. I settled on a Spirnco 12lber.
  9. I know an open shooter that has broken at least 4 of these but have not heard any limited shooters in the same boat.
  10. Always have. Seems silly to not use them when adding the screw and bushing only takes a minute and reduces the possibility of stress cracks in the frame.
  11. I have a fair amount of n320 and 147 zero load data that was used for an sp01. If you send me a PM with your email address, I can send it to you. To net the results, 3.5GR of n320 made 130PF loaded at 1.125. ES of 21, AVG velocity 889. I have load data from 3.1-3.5
  12. Contact CGW regarding that spring. I thought they had transitioned to the 97045 and away from the 97041 for the s2 without an extended firing pin.
  13. If you can get a pic of the extractor out of the slide, I'm sure someone can identify it.
  14. Take a look at the blue plastic piece at the end of the priming tube. It could be buggered up.
  15. I run an 11lb IMSI recoil spring and a 19lb hammer spring with 170PF ammo. Oddly enough, I have noticed the difference in springs between Wolff,. spring and imsi. I like the IMSi the best.
  16. I would be fine with that OAL variation as long as my rounds passed the plunk test at 1.240. If I new the max OAL was 1.230 and I had rounds load to 1.240, I would shorten my OAL to 1.220 knowing that my longer rounds (1.230) woudn't have a problem passing the test. Regarding load weight variation, I load n320 and see the occasional variation of .5 grains. With CFE, It was always spot on without any variation to speak of. I hope this helps.
  17. I have the model prior to that and it is an excellent cooker.
  18. This is the way. Great trigger group that requires very little to get and keep running.
  19. I use an automated 1050 for 40 and can tell you that I definitely needed to use case lube with the MA die. If I didn't use lube, the press would bind up while sizing.
  20. My range bag has a dedicated pocket for oil bottles and they stay upright. Never had any leakage to worry about and I use Lucas lube which has a tight fitting needle tip and red cap. Fits tight and doesn't leak.
  21. Mine is pretty flat shooting with 147's. What recoil spring are you using?
  22. 5.7.7 In the event that a Range Officer terminates a course of fire due to a suspicion that a competitor has an unsafe firearm or unsafe ammunition (e.g.a “squib” load), the Range Officer will take whatever steps he deems necessary to return both the competitor and the range to a safe condition. The Range Officer will then inspect the firearm or ammunition and proceed as follows:
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