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Is a Beretta 92 Site Mod SSP Legal


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If one were to want to Shoot a Beretta 92 in SSP and wanted a better front sight ......


Since there is a version of the 92 that comes with a dovetail front sight (http://www.beretta.com/en/92-vertec-inox/


Would it be SSP legal to .....

1.) Replace an old style 92 Slide with a 92 Vertec Slide ?


2.) Mill an old style 92 slide to the exact specifications of the 92 Vertec?


3.) Drill the front sight post on a classic 92 and insert a fiber optic filament ? 

Thanks in advance.

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Not legal. A Slides may not be machined to accept different style sights. I believe that rule covers #2 and #3 of your question. As for replacing the slide, I am not familiar with berettas but if you cant buy it in that exact configuration with the vertec slide then its gonna be out. It no longer meets the minimum manufactured number of 2000.

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You can't swap the slide that came with your pistol with a different slide from another model of the same pistol.  Such a modification is not included in the list of SSP approved modifications (

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