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Foxtrot Mike Heavy Buffer Question

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I recently purchased the FM heavy buffer through primary arms for my 16" FM upper. I have included the link below for reference. After I received it I noticed that it was longer than the one that came with my PSA lower that uses a standard rifle buffer tube with MOE stock. I then decided to read the full description on the primary arms website which says its designed for pistol length buffer tubes. I have run a couple hundred rounds through the gun with the buffer installed without any issues but I wanted to get a consensus that I am not going to have a failure during a match....




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I have that buffer with a carbine buffer tube and ~2,500 rounds through my build with no buffer related issues.


ETA: Check the QA section of the Brownell's listing.. It's designed for a carbine tube.



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1 hour ago, dmshozer1 said:


Can you tell me what problems the Brownell buffer caused.

Failure to extract and load. It's like the bcg was unlocking/moving to early. My PCC worked with the Hahn 7.5 oz.  This is when I realized blowback guns work opposite from gas guns. 

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After trying a few different combinations in search for reliability and the softest recoil possible, I run an 8oz KAK buffer with a spikes tactical standard strength polished carbine buffer spring. My gun is very flat shooting with very low recoil and functions very well. With that being said I’m never satisfied and have since purchased a (RB5015HD HEAVY DAMPENED) 9mm hydraulic buffer from Kynshot and will be looking to purchase a 10oz buffer next just to be 100% that this is the absolute best set up. I will update the forum with my findings when able. -ps also testing on Extar EP9 

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