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Cabelas running sale on FART

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Thank you. I missed them being in-stock, but backordered it. Been waiting for a sale for a while now. Hmmm...anyone get theirs already? I just got the confirmation e-mail that says 'Lite' in the description.... Maybe some unintentional bait and switch going on here...

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I don't know what 'GT' is, but I just live chatted and asked them to clarify, this is for the LITE MODEL... not the full size jobber. Same deal @ bass pro (which makes sense). They have the title and description of the full-size, but product# of the lite. 


I reported it to them and their answer was "thanks, we'll cancel your order if you want."

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15 hours ago, azron said:

GT is glock talk.

Sorry they have their website screwed up ☹️ was just trying to pass on a deal that i saw in another place to you fine folks.





Not your fault at all, sir. The post was well appreciated, just wanted to warn folks. I was suspect when it showed the original price as $130 and not $170+


Going to be some angry folks who get duped. 

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