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Changing out comps


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Hopefully some one can give me advice  

I have a 38 super that was gifted to me ,  the Gun is a 2011 with a shuemann 4 port barrel and comp . The comp on the gun is a crusher inside  so i was wondering what would be a better comp for this setup since the gun seems like at least 5-10 years old. Also I have seen shields being used in-front of the optic.  The other issues should i change to a 9mm  major and what are some recommendations.




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If I got the gun for free I would run 38S in it and buy a bunch of brass. Once the supply is lost etc then I would evaluate what I want to do as far as changing anything. With those holes the lens will get fairly dirty but just clean it regularly and it won't matter.


I say run it like it is for now.

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There’s nothing wrong with that set up, I ran one for years and probably still would if I could find the barrels

find a load that’s reliable and and has the dot tracking straight up and down, also play with different bullet weights, that set up vents a ton of gas

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Changing comps won't lessen the noise indoors, the hybrid barrel is the majority of the blast. 


You can get a Kidd C-More Blast Shield that mounts to the front of the C-More sight from all the usual suspects:

Dawson Precision, EGW, Shooters Connection, Brownells, etc...



NOT MY GUN, but very similar to what I've been using for that last decade or so, it works well.

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