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CGW parts required


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I know this has been done to death, probably a few times over. It will take a few months for me to get CGW parts (export stuff, not their fault), so everything I need for the foreseeable future kind of has to be done in bulk. 


I want to put together two nearly identical S2's. I shoot IPSC Production, and my wife (with tiny hands) has expressed some interest. She has a Shadowline, but prefers my S2, even though the grip is slightly larger. 


The biggest thing I'm trying to find out is if I need/should get adjustable sears, and the S spacers. Can someone a little more enlightened than me explain the pros/cons (if any)?


My wishlist;


Reach reduction kit 7580 (x2)

Hammer pins 75009 (x2) - in case I ever install a CZ race hammer

Floating trigger pins (x3) - in case I keep the Shadowline, which is unlikely

Reduced power TRS (x4) because extra


I have an assortment of main & recoil springs. And everything else that wears/breaks/may be required I can order within 2-3 days. I'm going to test primers with my current 11lb main/stock firing pin setup, but that is an easy to order fix anyways. 


I'm not looking for every .0001" of performance I can get - I run the gun well, and I'm only getting better. I just want the DA pull to be more comfortable for her, and on the off chance that a gun goes down at a match, we would be fine to swap. 


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Someone will be by shortly to correct me, or a friendly call to cgw will set you in the right direction.


But from what I understand, if you are swapping the hammer then the adjustable sear will make things much easier in fitting the safeties. If you are not swapping the hammer then I'm not 100% sure you'll need them. The S-spacer is mainly for putting a shadow upper with no firing pin block on a frame that has the firing pin lifter. If you're putting a shadow 2 upper on it's lower then I'm not 100% sure you'll need them either. 


Again though, cajun gun works is very friendly on the phone and will have the answer for you without a doubt.

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I installed a competition hammer on my shadow 2 and the adjustable sear made it easier. All I have to do was adjust the sear to work with the safety and then loctite the setscrew.


You’ll also need the spacer since the adjustable sear is smaller compared to the stock sear of the shadow 2. I was on the fence about the spacer so I called CGW if I needed it and they told me I do so I bought and installed it. 

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I would do the hammers at the same time you will end up wanting them anyways as they clean up the single action.


As for the sear it makes the job easier and you will need the spacer. I have put 2 RRK in from Cajun they are pretty easy to do and get good results.


Also with those export times order some spare main and recoil springs for stock. 11.5 main with the extended firing pins has been 100% for me over 5 guns with CCI and S&B primers.

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