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Volquartsen 1911 style frame or Mark III style frame


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Looking at a 4.5" Volquartsen for Steel Challenge Open Division.


I shoot 2011 style guns in USPSA and IDPA and love the feel of the grip. 


However, I have shot many Ruger's in the past and thought the grips always felt so comfortable.  I know it comes down to preference.


Wondering how many others prefer the Mark III or Mark IV grip over the 1911 style that Volquartsen offers.


thank you!!

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Only the grip ANGLE will be the same.  The feel will be totally different.


I had a Scorpion.  I sold it.  Too many things wrong with it they could not fix in three returns to the factory.  I also tried a High Standard Supermatic Trophy, a Ruger, A custom tricked out Buckmark and a Hammeli X-Esse.  I don't have any of them anymore, except the trick Buckmark.  My wife shoots that now.


I shoot a custom 1911 with a Marvel Unit One conversion or a Custom CWA conversion upper.  Because the Marvel has a tight match chamber it will not always extract a chambered round.  So I use that for bullseye and the CWA for SCSA.  No issues at all.  No quirky mags.  They always drop free.  They feed everything, every time.

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I have a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite that I use for SCSA and love it.  Since the first month, break in period, I have not had a malfunction.  It's the most reliable pistol I've ever had.  


I love the 22/45 frame.  It has the same ergonomics as a 1911 but this gun is much lighter.  Better for faster transitions, so they say.



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