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Caliber Changes on Dillon 650

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I've had my 650 for about 3 years now.  Loaded about 20k rounds of 9mm on it (I haven't been shooting as much) but plan on upping my counts more this year.  I also am reloading 223 on turret using as single stage (uggggh) and just picked up a 40 and started that up on my Lee turret as well (test loads being fired hopefully Saturday).


I don't shoot a ton of 223 (about 1500 rounds a year) but working on stock piling 5-6k.  I'm sure I will be shooting about 3-5k of 40 over the year now.  Is it worth it to setup my 650 for both?  I don't see myself buying the Dillon trimmer for 223 if I do at the volume I reload (using a WFT trimmer right now).


I'm kind of intimidated by the caliber changes as I haven't done them before...hell I haven't done any maintenance other than screwing my priming arm back in as it started to back out on the 650.  My other thought was picking up a 550 so I don't have to touch my 650 and just leave that for 9mm (but obviously more money).


Do I just need to suck it up and give it a go?  I watched a few videos on YouTube it doesn't look that hard but quite a few steps.  If I do I probably will load up the 10k worth of 9mm projectiles under my bench first before messing with the press.

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Once you do it the first time it is easy after that. The calibers you mention are all small primer so this also cuts out a few steps. After a few times you can knock the conversion out in about 5min each. Certainly less than 10.

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If your changeovers don't include a primer size change (you won't change primer size if you load .223 and 40 cal) the caliber changeover is pretty simple (less than 5 min. after you have done it once). Change the shell plate/case slide, locator pins (9mm and .223 use the same pins), adjust the case insert block, and change the casefeed adapter/body bushing/arm bushing.  The caliber change on a 650 is pretty simple and straight forward. 

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