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Hybrid Barrels again


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They exist! Shooters connection just got the first batch of KKM hybrid barrels in. 5.0" threaded and 5“ non threaded in 355 and 40 cal.


Commander threaded and 5.4" threaded coming in a week or two. 





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5 hours ago, Fo0 said:

Have yall made plans to restock the ones that already sold out

Of course! We only got in the 5.0" threaded, and the non threaded 5" barrels on Friday. The commander threaded and 5.4" threaded are in route soon.


We only have a few of the 5.0" threaded left currently. Definitely going to be reordering those as soon as possible. 

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2 hours ago, ncrivello said:

What's a hybrid barrel?


Hybrid barrel is a bull 1911 Barrel with an extra strip, or rib, of material on top to add weight and make it easier to add ports to it. Been around for over 20 years and up until recently only available form one manufacturer. 

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