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Stop Plate Sensor?


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I want to put s sensor on a steel STOP plate that will work with .22 rimfire. I have two timer types - CED6000 and ProTimer IV Super - at my disposal, both of which have sensor inputs that work with a normally-closed micro switch. Can anyone here recommend a specific brand/model of sensor that is known to work well in this application, and describe how it is set up relative to the plate?


The ProTimer IV Super user manual lists the OMRON Z-15G-B7-K as a suitable device. It is a pin plunger micro-switch (0.5mm travel), but it is not clear to me how it should be used. Does it sit between the plate and the 2x4 post? If anyone has photos of a known-reliable setup, please post them here.

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i have not seen these particular pin switches used, but I would have it mounted to the side of the 2x4 and have a set of slotted holes for it to be finely adjustable. if .5 mm is total travel distance, I would also have an adjustable plate stop built into the mounting bracket to keep the plate from battering the switch when (if)  the larger calibers are used 

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Would the same type of relay and set up used for the diy flashers you see on distant 3 gun steel targets work? But rather than setting off a camera flash have them do something for the timer?


I know what you're asking for has been done before, but I have no idea myself how to do it.

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41 minutes ago, StealthyBlagga said:


I will be running two stages next to each other so the risk is high of the shot timers picking up the wrong shots.

Ah I get it now, well good luck on your pursuit. At least you are going the extra mile to get it right so good on you.

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