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Unica grips


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I picked up a used set of Unica grips.  Figured I'd use a wet paper towel and soft brush to clean what I thought was grip goo or hand gunk out of the grooves in these Unica panels.  Instead what I apparently was doing was rubbing more of the color off the grips!  The paper towel is green and my hands look like I've been playing with a green marker.  I can just dab the panel with the wet paper towel and come away with green.


My Hennings NEVER transferred any of their color to either the paper towel or my hands.


Anyone else experience this problem with their Unicas?

Unica Grips 1.JPG

Unica Grips 2.JPG

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Keep in mind I love the Hennings on both my Lim Pros more than any others I've tried.


They feel a small bit thinner than Hennings but I don't know if the Stock II is any thinner than the Lim Pro.  And honestly it feels like I can grip the gun a bit better, but I don't know if that's because my hands are wrapping around a slightly smaller grip or the texture is actually a bit more aggressive.


In any case I love the feel of the Unicas and am hoping to find someone local to me who can cerakote or anodize them so that I can use them on my match gun.

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Cerakote will fill in the checkering slightly and you’ll lose a little bit of tooth. Not much, if the applicator is careful. But you do need to sandblast and paint, both of which reduce sharp edges.


I’ve sprayed a lot of cerakote.


Anodizing will not have this issue.


Honestly? I’d try this first: Spray them with chemical paint stripper to see if you can get all the green off.


Whether they strip successfully or not, coat them yourself with  Rustoleum TEXTURED black paint, and bake it on at 225 in your oven for an hour. Spray very light coats from a full 12” away so it goes on with maximum texture.




Baked on, this stuff cures very hard - I’ve refinished two AKs that way. If you don’t like it, or you find a good deal on anodizing etc later on? Spray ‘em with paint stripper and it comes right off.



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Are they actually color anodized or are they coated with a paint.  If anodized maybe they did not seal them properly.  Typically color anodizing is a dye that penetrates into the surface then it is sealed in a metal salt bath.

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