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STI question


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Yes.  A 5.0 Tactical in 9mm.  Extensively.  Initially had an extractor problem but STI sent me a new one and the problem was solved.  About 1500 rounds in, the hammer began to follow, and I adjusted the left leaf of the sear spring.  Zero problems from that day forward until I sold the pistol and replaced it with an STI Eagle 5.0.  Only about 500-600 rounds on that pistol so far (zero problems), as I have been shooting CZ 75 Shadows for the last 1 1/2 - 2 years.


I very much like the STI pistol, and apparently I have been fortunate enough to own a couple that were not plagued by unacceptable quality control issues that others have referenced on this forum.

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I have 4 STI Tacticals. 2 of the 4.15” barreled Tacticals in 9mm, one of the older models that now sports an Alma Cole worked over Silica Carbide grip and a 2018+ model with the Extreme Shooters grip and DLC coating. 


What do do you want to know about them?  I don’t carry either of them as I have a bunch of other STI carry guns but they are my most shot guns at the range. 

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the downside to 9mm in uspsa limited is you are shooting minor power factor so have a slight scoring disadvantage.  so most shoot 40 in limited to not have that scoring disadvantage.  9mm is perfect for 2 & 3 gun and the various steel matches that don't have major power factor scoring.  that said, 9mm is fun and cheap and lower recoil so go for it!

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