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Dillion 650 casefeeder retaining screw

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Hi yeee all 

Recently ran into an issue with my 650 casefeeder retaining screw that holds the casefeeder in place against the post. The threading that sits inside the casefeeder that holds the screw in place came undone.. 

Was advice to drill a hole into the pole and use a metal screw to hold the casefeeder down.. 

For some odd reason I seem to be having a problem drilling into the post. Maybe I'm just being a wuse and need to put more muscle into the drilling process.. 

Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.. 


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Use a punch to put a small dimple where you need the hole to be before drilling. Also be sure you have the post laying horizontally on the bench. Trying to drill it while mounted vertically on the press will make proper leverage difficult. A fresh drill but also helps.

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