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Shadow 2 a good 2011 alternative for no power factor steel matches?


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Odd question, I know it's a production pistol. 


I currently shoot SS in .45, but I want to branch out to another division this summer and save myself some time/money just loading 9mm for all my guns. The 1911 and I get along great. Very happy with the ergos and platform. Our local Tuesday night steel matches don't have a power factor so I was thinking about getting a 9mm limited gun. Only issue is if I ever want to shoot a real match on the weekends I'd be kneecapping myself for scoring (I do want to improve and be competitive).


Hence the shadow 2, I figured I could just run it cocked and locked or buy the SAO trigger and a mag-well when I want to shoot limited, or switch it back to stock for production? Should I not try and make this a duel purpose pistol and pick either limited minor/production and go with it? Anyone have any comment on the ease of going from a 1911 to a CZ and back? Pretty doable to convert the shadow 2 back and fourth between production config. and a competitive lim minor? I was thinking it would be a pretty snazzy sub 1.5k set up to have the shadow 2, a spare SAO trigger, mag well and short grips i could switch if I wanted to not shoot production for a bit. 


The only reason I'm hesitant to get a 2011 is the price, it's lack of ability to be used for actual USPSA matches outside of limited minor, and the worry that i'll have to spend even more money getting it to run. I'm finishing grad-school for the next few years (stipends aren't great) so the less hassle the better. 


Thanks for fielding this odd question. 

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Oh sorry, I didn't outline it in my post. I'd like to be able to use the pistol for production matches as well, since the major matches on the weekend do have major/minor scoring. (this is Rio Salado by the way, in AZ).


This might sound stupid, but I don't want to get another 1911 in 9mm right now since It would likely mean i'll just end up benching my .45 and it will sit idle. I'm trying to maximize my options I guess. 


I'm probably just overthinking this and should pick a single division to shoot and get a gun for it. 

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Agreed, forgo the mag well. With the safety and DA/SA options just run the wide safety and run it cocked n locked for Lim minor. Leaving you the ability to start hammer down as appropriate for Prod.


Run a Prod belt set up for both. Get two or three mags that hold 23 for a small capacity advantage over the guys shooting major when in Lim.

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I also shoot tns at rio, and just shot my first with my new shadow 2, but I shot in production, not limited. I had a similar thought to yours...throw the longer safety on and load the mags up, but decided against it. 


Like you, I plan to shoot uspsa production with the gun, and figured that doing all my shooting with 10 rounds and a dropped hammer start is a good thing. 


It was my first match coming off a glock, and my first iron sighted tns in a long time (have been shooting CO)...the gun is plenty fast enough to keep up. 


Toby J

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