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  1. S2 as it gives you more viable & competitive options. S2 loaded to 10rds for USPSA Production S2 with long mags 22+1 for steel matches S2 loaded to 16 for outlaw action pistol
  2. I've been running the 16rd mec-gars with rubber base pads for over 4 years and they're still good to go (look good and run well at matches with no hiccups) - so +1 for the 16rd.
  3. I have been running a 10# for the last 3 months and I did some testing at the range today so I will be switching to an 11#. I believe my sights return faster/flatter with the 11# recoil springs. I shoot 147gr loads making 128PF
  4. I've loaded over 40K rounds of 9mm all tested on my 7 round EGW case gauge. If it passes the EGW it will pass any 9mm barrel. Set your press up properly and load so that it passes the EGW case gauge and you will not have any second thoughts about the ammo loaded.
  5. I run the S2 LOK Palm Swells on my SP01 Shadow and this current setup gives me better grip/control compared to any of the aluminum grips. I have small to medium sized hands and my initial concerns was that the palm swells would be too wide . . . it actually fits nice (gives the gun some ass to hold onto). I had the CZ75 Palm Swells but the top part of the grip did not fit too well since it flares out at the top, I ended up exchanging the CZ75 palm swells for S2 palm swells and its perfect!!!!
  6. My SP01 Shadow Target has been my primary shooter for the last 6 years. Its got a lot of rounds through her and the finish looks pretty beat up - I just chalk it up to the guns character. The S2 has a nicer finish to start with.
  7. Recently sold my Sq Deal for ~80% of retail price. if you take it apart, the press will fit nicely in a USPS large flat rate box
  8. Yes, it’s an awesome bonus feature. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have both the PSA gen 2 and a QC10 in Glock. Although the PSA works just fine, the QC10 is much nicer especially when it comes to loading/unloading a magazine (the PSA works, but the QC10 does it much better, faster, smoother). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I recently switched to LOK palm swell bogies S2 on my Shadow SP01 and I am one happy customer. Let me just say this is the best grip I have found for my CZ. The amount of grip I get is phenomenal. I have small to medium sized hands and the palm swell actually helps fill in the gap between your hands and the pistol grip giving you more to hold onto resulting in a better grip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. They’re around $70 delivered. Very nicely cut out of aluminum, fits well and functional. Awesome addition to the PCC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Here’s the PSA lower with the BMiller magwell - I’m very happy with my magwell from BMiller. Will be getting another one shortly.
  13. I shoot with 3 different guys who run the LeadStar rifles and the LeadStar AR9s are rock solid! The guys who own them seem to dig their rifles and will proudly share when asked to “show and tell”. Good luck.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a magwell to fit my PSA AR9? See photos.
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