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Thought I would put this here for the others than are scared too.


Shooting a shotgun is hard as hell.  What are the resources for an experienced shooter, but beginning shotgunner available around the web as well as what sort of instruction is good.


Problem: Beginner Classes cover gun safety/handling.  While there is an importance for safety I also am quite familiar with gun handling from both Rifle/Handgun.  Is a beginner shotgun course still the place to start.


Problem 2:  I can go to the range with target throwers, but I have no idea if thats a 'hard' shot, easy shot etc.?  What are the basic skills needed to develop to a point of self-diagnoses.  For instance I can do shots at 15/25 yards in handgun and work on accuracy, grouping etc.  I started at 7 and worked out.  Same thing for rifle.  Start at 50, move back.  Where to start for my trusty smoothbore?


Problem 3: That SOB son of mine is a natural and just said, "I aim in that direction" .  I hate him so very much right now.

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Your son is on to something. Shotgunning isn't nearly as scientific as say long range rifle shooting. It's one of those things were you just have to do it so much that you're on autopilot.


You didn't mention what kind of shooting you're practicing for. If it's clay sports, find the nearest gun club and jump in. If its 3 gun, set up multiple steel arrays and practice managing recoil while shooting quickly and work on loading efficiently while moving. That'll keep you busy for a while, eventually you'll get a feel for what you suck at so you can have more focused practice sessions. If you haven't shot a match yet, go try it and you'll find out even sooner what you need to work on.

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You do not mention what kind of shooting, Trap ,sporting clays, etc. Utube has plenty of basic shotgun videos and might be a place to start. Otherwise it is most important to keep your head down and your eye on the bird and follow through. In other words wood on wood and do not lift your head to see the break.Best of luck.

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Try creating challenges for yourself with the resources you have. So if you're 3 fun oriented try doing 1 shot from low ready with a quad load and 1 more shot possibly on a dual clay throw. 


Or try that with the match saver, be creative. 

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