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  1. This is the well adjusted adult line of thinking I aspire to have.
  2. Well all t h e Glock talk makes me want to hurl lol. BUt I think it brings a certain point. Glock/S&W/Springfield and now CZ/SIG have the Tupperwear market sewn up. Market is saturated. Tons of good options in the $500 range. I can;t remember which STI rep told me that had a "Glock Killer" with the Duo2 but that lol'd me pretty hard. I'm an M&P man myself, but I know Glocks run. $500 vs $2000. NO F N WAY. No gun is $1500 better for duty use. WE may chase triggers and speed but in Value, Glock got their first. Best you can do is join or copy them. For bett
  3. Not to pick on wgj3, but the XL is $1400 more than the edge and is the only model they offer in .40 The P does not come in .40. The R is a single stack. I tend to take things personal, but that says to me that HEY LIMITED DIVISION SHOOTERS!!! TAKE A FLYING LEAP.--and considering STI dominated Limited Div, thats a big deal. The name change: meh. The new lineup says to me, my (USPSA) business is wanted elsewhere. And I was a defender of theirs when people said there stuff wouldn't run. Mine runs great. But my new one will not be STI. At that price? Just go
  4. I appreciate this. Yeah it got fixed and I just started out slow. Had a long session today the restored some confidence.
  5. About a year ago I was shooting y versa max and the barrel split while shooting (Tried to see if it was ID10T error, but best efforts indicate it was a defect--non-concentric choke). No injuries, but definitely rattled me. I got it fixed, but I have been real reluctant to go shotgunning since (as in I haven't). Am i crazy (yeah username, but serious) or just normal to have the jitters getting back on the horse after something like that. Rifle/Handgun is fine.
  6. I went to their local Dallas "STI Day" at a range. One rep even mentioned a "Glock 19 killer". I kinda had to laugh, as much as I dislike glocks, the $1500 price difference between whatever Staccato they came out with buys a lot of practice ammo/reloading equipment/beer. It did seem like the focus has shifted to the staccato line. I am not sure if that is good or bad. There doesn't seem to be a decent starting pistol out there in wide-body 1911 style. My used edge, was perfect--got me into Limited at under 2k, but now it seems they have ceeded that territory. I know the CZ-TSO is a ver
  7. Ok now I get it, there is no such thing as a 140 para/ria mag (akin to the 126/140.170 mags from STI)-. Its just a normal mag with extended baseplate and matching spring for expanded capacity. That's why I was so confused. I found RIA/Para mags in spades, just didn't realize that was what I needed as a base. (Thinking like STI 140 + SNL Dawson = 20 rounds 40, so I need a 140 RIA mag + Baseplate= Full capacity). Its just 'Normal" Mag + extended plate to add capacity Sometimes you guy's and your crazy limited/open world confuses us simple prod folk. For future reade
  8. On a whim, I got a 45 Double Stack RIA. Overall I have been impressed. Now obviously this is sort of an 'outlaw' gun, but should I decide to take up a true limited or 3-gun, where does one procure the 140 mm mags for these things. Using STI mags seems to be hit or miss, so why not just start with factory 140mm mags--but where the heck are they?-have google both on the site and web with no success. I was able to procure 'Full Size' 14 rounders for my 45 through Greg Cote (highly recommend btw), but tbh if the idea is to go with MBX mags, I'd rather just stick with my STI (yeah I'm a cheapska
  9. ARISE NECRO THREAD. For all the whining and complaining people do, it is proper to notice when a Company does things right/nice. I received a fully repaired VersaMax earlier this week. No charge. They even included both chokes (new). Entire cost to me was buying a box to ship to Rem Remington did this one right by me. Now about those clays......
  10. RO class upcoming. I am an older more seasoned dood, but my shooting is very poor (I'm just slow and more of a thinker). HOWEVER, whenever I go to matches they are always short on ROs. There is an upcoming RO class nearby. Any reason NOT to become certified?
  11. I must plead a slight senior moment--it appears I had forgotten how many I own. You know how it is, they just keep a multiplyin in that safe! It wasn't Yogi Bera, but a nice Gun related Yogism I shall leave you with: Q: How many guns do you own? A: More than I need, not as many as I'd like
  12. Companies come and go. While they have been around a long time, I do not see anything unique they bring that would be missed in the current market. Yes it is debt restructure, but Remington needs to up their game to develop a quality product. I would MAYBE recommend an 870 to someone, but after that, even the 700 series is outmatched by others. I think they have an opportunity with Para re-launch/re-brand but it will require a lot of work AND its a niche market. They need to up their game in the wide market of handguns, shotguns AND rifles--they have 0 competitive products righ
  13. That's the sad part. Today everything is marketed to the 'tactical' crowd meaning lighter and smaller (Just look at the trends in product release). Glock/S&W/Walther/Colt could make a KILLING (no pun intended) in the shooting world. (notice COULD) Kinda like STI in limited. (Para could have but dropped ball). Hell even STI is going Tacticool.
  14. I've learned that lesson the hard way! Fortunately it was not a firearm (I f up in other more creative means).
  15. If I need to fit something like a CZ Safety, what are the proper tools to use. I know very little of files/sanding/etc. For instance I needed to take something from .085 inches to 0.80 inches (measured with caliper) in width. Sanding job or file/stone? And then the follow up which type of sand paper/file/stone...
  16. what kind of file does one use? I was sanding and it was not working at all. I'll be honest, I feel like I have 10 thumbs every time I work on a pistol. I thought there was a lifter spring in the cage assembly as well (at least their was in the video I was watching). That sear spring was a major PITA, would not stay up out of the groove and then eventualy the tail broke. Gun still functions, but man it give me willies about mucking with it again.
  17. yup. It looks like enough is left for the gun to function, but it does need to be replaced. Moron question--i can just slide the sear pin out part way to replace the sear spring--no need for total disassembly (sorry the other spring looks like a PITA to get in and given my track records...) $2.00 is a small learning experience. And I hate that sear spring...
  18. Thanks,I did get it in--its a bit tight but then again, i rarely use the safety (which is why I wanted the wide safety to start with) Still worried about the sear cage spring
  19. So I tried to get a tac sport safety on my shadow 2. Turns out the tac sport safety was too wide be about 5 thousanths and my best efforts to sand had no effect. ANyway putting the S2 back together and for the life of me I cannot get the right hand safety in without disloding the right safety detent. And then of course, the sear cage won;t go in. To top it all off the sear cage spring broke and no longer long enough to hold the safety in place. (Just sigh--even though the safety stays put) I went over Prof Atlas pics, and for the life on me cannot figure
  20. So the press is on its way (650) plus Lee Classic Cast because I want to do some rifle (and brownells had free shipping). For starting out what is a good set of powders to begin with? Will be primarily loading for 40 (lim major for an STI), but may dabble in 9 and 45 along with 308. I read up and people say to go whole hog on powders to avoid hazmat fees, but I am a bit uncomfortable with that as I have no clue which powders will be my 'go-to' in the long run. Starting with 9/40 or 40/45 is there a powder that works well for both? 9mm would prob be behind 147s or simi
  21. My goal is 3-gun, but normally I guess we are doing trap (I don't know the difference between clays and trap tbh--basically we have throwers at the public range that throw a target straight away from you).
  22. I need to remember this. I get so frustrated by little mistakes, coming in last, blowing a stage--its even stopped me from going shooting sometimes. And the worst day shooting is better than the best day at home depressed.
  23. Wolf Variable 14# Runs like a champ in my Govt Colt.
  24. Thought I would put this here for the others than are scared too. Shooting a shotgun is hard as hell. What are the resources for an experienced shooter, but beginning shotgunner available around the web as well as what sort of instruction is good. Problem: Beginner Classes cover gun safety/handling. While there is an importance for safety I also am quite familiar with gun handling from both Rifle/Handgun. Is a beginner shotgun course still the place to start. Problem 2: I can go to the range with target throwers, but I have no idea if thats a 'hard' shot
  25. Did contact Rem for repair. Apparently the 2013 is 'too old' for warranty (I bought it in early 2014) according to CS rep, but they are going to take a look at it and provided a shipping label. Will have my fingers crossed.
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