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"Reaction Speed Trainer" iPhone App


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I'm home sick right now (yay, brochitis!) and thought I'd look in the App Store for games to help my reaction speed to the buzzer.  I tried out 10+ free apps and found one called "Reaction Speed Trainer" for the iPhone (note there's one with the same title for the iPad, but it's a different app entirely) which I think has some merit.  

Reaction Speed Trainer's "SimpleReaction" mode is a light that illuminates with an audible beep, and you touch a button to log your reaction time.  After 10 attempts, your average time is displayed.  Your personal best recorded time places you on a leaderboard of personal bests.  

When I cover up the illuminated button with a cloth and just react to the audible beep, it seems like a decent practice for working on a reaction time to a start signal.

Anybody want to weigh in on "Reaction Speed Timer" or have similar games to share?

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