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  1. I had issues with bolt bounce and the "click" and had Stoeger send me a new bolt. It's been totally remedied so far. Ran it with a 17 round tube this weekend and it ran good, with one malfunction, but I was shooting from a drop-turner activation box and it could have been me.
  2. Go with MOA. If no other reason than that Thomas is helpful to the point of being counter productive for himself. LOL
  3. I have gotten good at that on steel. But i still suck at calling my shots on paper.
  4. I think a lot of the reason people won't come to matches is exactly why I didn't want to initially. Three things. 1. I didn't know what to expect. 2. I didn't want to look stupid. 3. I didn't want to suck. I went after I had finally decided it was for me. Something I wanted to do and couldn't let fear of embarrassment or failure slow me down. I think those are the biggest obstacles.
  5. I had the Hiperfire EDT 3 in my PCC and it was awesome for the money.
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