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  1. I got LASIK years ago. My distance vision is 20/20 still but I'm blind as a bat now at reading distances. I use +1.5 cheaters. Here's the thing. Your sights are at reading distance. So if you get LASIK to correct for that, then you're distance vision goes out of focus. Same if you use readers. If you get a red dot though, then everything is in focus because it's all at distance...
  2. I talk to a lot of newbies that want to get more practice in a square range before attempting to shoot a match. It's nonsensical... You can't practice storming into a shooting position, turning snapping off a couple of rounds and then jumping out of that position for the next one by standing still and obsessing where your feet are before shooting. If you want to practice something before coming out to a match, try playing basketball. That has much more applicability to shooting sports than target practice...
  3. That may be, but a 115 gr bullet at supersonic speeds will be both annoyingly loud and have a snappier recoil. If you get 147 gr subsonics - like Hush or something - then the recoil feels like more of a push and there's no supersonic crack...
  4. I've always thought this was the source of the saying: "slow down to get faster". The observation being that as they get faster, time appears to move more slowly during the stage so they feel like they're slowing down, when in fact, they're not... It doesn't necessarily mean you do things more slowly...
  5. That's what they are. They're trail runners. Great for mud races and stuff... if you run on hard pack though, their normal running shoes are better...
  6. For three gun, I practice shooting my pistol on the rifle range. There are matches that I've shot that routinely have 30 or 40 yard pistol shots. I can't hit those to save my life - even with practice...
  7. Jegs has one for drag racing. It's a christmas tree. You can even play it with a friend.... It's fun...
  8. Two eyes is better but not everyone can do it. i've tried for years and can't get it. I even shot for a while with a piece of tape over the non-dominant eye lens to teach myself. Never happened... I know lots of people that tried it once and got the hang of it immediately. If you can do that, it's worth doing...
  9. I've had one for a couple of years. It's a great dry fire training tool. I don't use it much during matches though... I never really got anything out of that... But for dry fire, it works great.
  10. I have a Dissident Arms Vepr12. It's a much better gun than the MK1919. Not cheap though.
  11. Jeff did the full modification on my M2. It was awesome. The only thing I've changed since then is the addition of the Briley trigger. The rail - embedded pistol sight is excellent.
  12. My KL-12 has an ALG. It's awesome... The last thing you need to do to that gun is move the bolt lever to the other side. I thumb magazine release would be great to...
  13. The M3K is the one. It's actually a different package than the M3000 not a shorthand notation. The M3K is the one with the 3Gun Features...
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